A Demis Hellen review and tutorial looking at Singomakers Fatmaker multiband Saturation EQ plugin, and shows it in use processing some drums and bass tracks.

About Fatmaker

Fatmaker is not just a regular equalizer, it's a multiband saturator mixed with different processing chains for each band and a powerful equalizer created for the best mixing and mastering results!

It works perfectly on Synths, Drums, Basses and Vocals!
Fatmaker has already been championed by professional Sound Engineers and A-list Producers from all over the world. We are sure you will enjoy it too!


Custom-made Hi-End filters with different saturation types for each band

    •    LF
    •    LMF
    •    HMF,
    •    HF
    •    LP & HP filters

For more info, pricing and to download visit: http://bit.ly/fatmaker
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