Producer Tim Cant runs through 5 of the most popular, some might say best, software synth plugins (VST) money can buy.

Top Five Synths are...

    •    SynthMaster 2.9 - KV331 Audio (
    •    Spire - Reveal Sound (
    •    Avenger - Vengeance Sound (
    •    Diva - (
    •    Serum - Xfer Records (

SynthMaster 2.9 (KV331 Audio)

SynthMaster may have been around for a long time, but every update has kept it fresh for the competition with the world’s best soft synths.

Spire (Reveal Sound)

With an impressive range of oscillators and synthesis types, and an even more impressive range of third-party preset developers, one thing’s for sure: Spire is a versatile synth.

Avenger (Vengeance Sound)

This monstrous, top-of-the-line synth is the first instrument released by plugin and soundware legends Vengeance Sound.

Diva (u-he)

If you can’t decide which classic analogue synth you want in your next track, Diva takes the best bits of hardware history and puts them into one incredible-sounding plugin.

Serum (Xfer Records)

Originally released in 2014, Serum has risen to the top of the tree to become the undeniable king of the soft synths. But why has this simple-looking synth garnered so much attention?

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