In this video, you will learn about Softube's amp VST plugin. It's named after the classic bass amp it models; Eden WT-800. About the Eden WT800 by Softube There are a handful of classic names in bass guitar amplification, but few have the combination of pedigree and sheer modern versatility that comes with the Eden WT800. Featuring a full range of tools from compression and 5-band EQ, to easy bi-amping and an ‘enhance’ control for quick and effective scooping of mid-frequencies, the ‘World Tour’ amp really can do it all, around the globe. This plug-in is fully endorsed and authenticated by Eden, and features physical modelling of two of their best-loved cabinets, a 1x15 and a 4x10, each miked with four different high-end classic microphones, selected and positioned by Troy Antunes, producer and bassist famous for his work with Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake. And with a three-channel mixer section, you can blend the two cabs with the direct signal to find just about anything you could ever want to hear. #BassAmpPlugin #Softube #BassAmpVST Check Out Eden WT800 Bass Amp Simulator See all Deals on Plugins at Plugin Boutique