Words from MusicTech.net 

Loopmasters is back with yet another update for the Loopcloud, and this time it’s all about the comprehensive Loop Editor.

This cool new feature is a sample-slicing and pattern workbench that allows you to tinker with individual slices directly in your library or in the Loopcloud Store. This includes re-arranging, re-timing and re-leveling. What’s really exciting is that you can do all this before you even purchase the sample or loop.

Better yet, with one edit defined, you can audition any loop you pick, or one-shot in your library or the Loopmasters catalogue, applying it to the exact same pattern. With its ability to demo millions of samples, the Loop Editor function is being touted as a “gamechanger for producers of all stripes”.

Intrigued yet? Watch our demo above to learn more.