Spend 10 minutes with Phase Plant - the semi-modular subtraction synth - by Kilohearts from the NAMM Show 2019!

Phase Plant is Your Sonic Playground

Phase Plant gives you a blank page onto which you can add signal generators and snapin effects in a quick and creative manner until you are happy with your sound. Grouping your generators and setting output options allows you to create advanced FM configurations in seconds. At the bottom, you can add any modulation sources you like. Everything from Envelopes and LFOs to utility features such as randomizers or mathematical operations. Everything is click and drag and users of Snap Heap or Multipass will feel right at home.

The intuitive modulation system from Multipass has been improved with audio-rate modulations (marked in green) to allow for FM between all generator types. Do you want to FM the pitch of your wavetable using a looped sample as a source? No problem. Then route that modulation back the other way creating a circular modulation and get crazy random results? Go right ahead. All modules in the Generators area have audio rate modulation links on the right-hand side, even the filters and distortions.

Features Galore

    •    Hybrid synthesis engine with analogue simulation, wavetables, sampler, and noise generation
    •    Snapin compatible. Add effects per voice, or to all voices, respectively
    •    Intuitive modulation system with customizable modulation sources
    •    Layered signal generation
    •    Audio-rate modulation between all generator types: Phase Modulation, Frequency Modulation, Ring Mod, and more
    •    Audio-rate modulation of filters and distortion on generators
    •    Factory samples library
    •    Big factory preset library
    •    Kilohearts signature Ease-of-Use
    •    CPU-light
    •    Automatic latency compensation

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