This free rack preset for Ableton Live is a handy tool for creating your own layered basses or leads. ​With 3 stacked racks inside, 2 for lead sounds and one for bass, you can choose up to 3 samples to layer together, with level controls, sound selection and filtering done in the SAMPLE MIXER section of the rack. Meanwhile, a BASS FX section allows you to dial in parallel compression, waveshaping, chorus and reverb, with both individual and grouped effects controls.

There are 2 versions of the rack in the supplied project, with one extended version called ‘Envelopes’. This contains Max 4 Live MIDI and audio effects, so is for Live Suite/M4L owners only, and can be ignored by owners of the standard version of Live. In the extended version, there is additional control of amplitude and filtering of the samples, using full ADSR macro controls.

To add the rack to your collection, click the save switch in the bottom left corner of either or both racks (depending on whether you own Max 4 Live), type a name and hit return. Make sure you keep the project on your hard drive, so you don’t delete the samples used in the rack, as they’re located in the project folder.

Watch the demo video to see the rack in action! Enjoy!

Download Free Rack Here
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Free Ableton Rack is only available until 28th April 2019