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Sufi Vocals - Mystic Qawwali Collection
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Genre: Asia

Additional Styles: Vocals

Sufi Vocals – Mystic Qawwali Collection - a rare collection of authentic vocals recorded with a diverse cross section of musicians, featuring Pakistani Sufi maestros Rizwan and Muazzam (nephews of the legendary Qawwali singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan) and Sufi singers Abdul Ghani, Ajah Maideen and Saburmaideen Babha Sabee (The Nagore Brothers / South India). This bundle of high quality samples captures the exotic and powerful vocals of these transcendental performers, and the ethereal spirit of Sufi devotional music.

Critically acclaimed Pakistan Sufi singers Rizwan and Muazzam hail from a renowned lineage of Qawwali music - mystical devotional music based on Classical Islamic and Sufi poetry, intended to lead listeners to reach states of religious ecstasy and union with God. The artists have recorded their imaginative reinterpretations of spiritual love songs along with a full live band, and the spirit and raw dynamism of these evocative performances have been captured in the samples. The Nagore Brothers are compelling performers who use music as a mystical medium to reach states of spiritual awakening, performing at various social and religious ceremonies in the dargah of their hometown Nagore in South India.
The rare sounds and loops in the bundle convey the rich vocal tones and diverse timbres of this esoteric Sufi tradition, and provide an apt starting point of inspiration for any producer looking for fresh ideas. They have been tailor made to fit a wide variety of production styles and genres, and will add an unconventional touch to any production.

Please Note: The Demo Songs contain other sounds for illustration purposes only.  This sample pack contains Vocal Loops and Samples only.


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  • 116 Pakistani Qawwali Vocal Loops & Samples
  • 70 South Indian Vocal Loops & Samples

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    • 116 Pakistani Qawwali Vocal Loops & Samples
    • 70 South Indian Vocal Loops & Samples
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    • 116 Pakistani Qawwali Vocal Loops & Samples
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Nickthayer big


Nick Thayer
Great collection of interesting and inspiring vocals. Useful to have such a refreshing pack of sounds
Celtislam big


Celt Islam
Sufi Vocals - Mystic Qawwali Collection by EarthMoments The Sufiq blessings have arrived! This beautiful Sufi vocal package is wonderful ! Various styles of Qawwali [ Holy Utterances ]a sufiq form of universal spirituality expressed through the voice / Music. I did a remix for Earth Moments / Laya Project using the very same vocals contained within this package named YA Allah [ Oh God ] in which i fused the vocal with a dub driven dubstep feel which you can listen here : Ya Allah { Sufi Dubstars aka Celt Islam & DJ Umb remix feat Dawoud Kringle } Laya Project :https://soundcloud.com/celt-islam/ya-allah-sufi-dubstars-aka-celt-islam I think this vocal package is ideal for ambient Dub to Dubstep and even Neuro driven drum and bass! This is a real treat and most of all a blessing as such vocals are almost impossible to get as these are mostly sang at Sufiq gatherings .
Timogarcia big


Timo Garcia
Some interesting vocals here which if used well and perhaps run through a series of effects units could really make your production stand out from the crowd.


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