Some interesting vocals here which if used well and perhaps run through a series of effects units could really make your production stand out from the crowd. Loads of well recorded vocals arranged into key and bpm ready for you to drop into your project and spice up your track,

Sufi Vocals - Mystic Qawwali Collection
by EarthMoments

The Sufiq blessings have arrived! This beautiful Sufi vocal package is wonderful ! Various styles of Qawwali [ Holy Utterances ]a sufiq form of universal spirituality expressed through the voice / Music. I did a remix for Earth Moments / Laya Project using the very same vocals contained within this package named YA Allah [ Oh God ] in which i fused the vocal with a dub driven dubstep feel which you can listen here : Ya Allah { Sufi Dubstars aka Celt Islam & DJ Umb remix feat Dawoud Kringle } Laya Project :

I think this vocal package is ideal for ambient Dub to Dubstep and even Neuro driven drum and bass! This is a real treat and most of all a blessing as such vocals are almost impossible to get as these are mostly sang at Sufiq gatherings .

Great collection of interesting and inspiring vocals. Useful to have such a refreshing pack of sounds. Well labelled with a versatile variety of tempos, melodies and rhythms. Thumbs up here!


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