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His razor sharp productions and great experience have seen him become as in-demand an engineer as remixer and producer. This demand is not confined to mere mortals like you and I, nor is it restricted to his own successful label, Berwick Street Records. His infamy has spread among the label bosses who set the trends and create the future-heroes of our worlds. Yoshitoshi, Nervous NYC and Toolroom Records are but three of the world-famous imprints who have clamoured to get a piece of Timo’s brilliance.


  • Slamming Tech House beats & pieces from Toolroom champs Leftwing & Kody. A superb assortment of full drum loops alongside cut down perc, top loops and drum one shots make this sample pack the perfect starting block to get your Tech House on! Leftwing & Kody also provide some great melodic top line and bass loops as well as some very handy sound effects.

    Nu Disco

    Rating: 8/10

    Niche Audio once again supply the goods here with a superb sample pack full of Nu Disco goodness. Plenty of drum one shots to create your own drum racks from. Some quality Disco sound effects, big sounding string hits as well as some funky ass guitar licks, piano and synth stabs. A great pack to give you a helping hand in making your own Nu Disco tracks.

    Now this is what sample packs are all about! One of the best drummers in the industry Tristan Banks supplying you with more Brazilian rhythms than you can shake a stick at! If you want to spice up your tracks with some Latin flavour then this is for you. There's a superb selection of drum tracks all broken down into their individual elements from Samba to Favela Funk.

    Decent sample pack and great for starting out. The Drum loops have a bit of an old skool electro feel to them and the piano riffs are fantastic. Some nice Rhodes, String and Synth samples here too. The highlight for me here which makes this pack stand out from the rest are the field recordings, some great ambiences ready to use.

    A superb sample pack as expected from MDE. A nice variety of Tech House, Techno and NRG bass loops as well as some well broken down drum loops. Love all the dirty/tech synth stabs and arpeggios here as well as some useful vocal stab effects. Perfect pack to really get that dirty tech house sound.

    The voice of House music! This is the perfect vocal pack from a pioneer in the game. The pack itself is split into two sections.. Phrases, where there's a theme to each folder filled with shorter vocal takes perfect to spice up your music with. Stems, where Robert Owens has pretty much recorded 8 songs which he's kindly broken down into several verses and choruses for you to play around with and pick and chose as you please and you know they're all going to work perfectly together however you use them. Its like having your own legend recording vocals in your studio with you!

    Tropical Bass House

    Rating: 8/10

    Totally tropical sample collection! A great selection of pipes, bells, flutes and other wonderful melodies you'd find in paradise! Peppered with a huge array of percussion and drum loops with loads of sound effects and one shots as well as that signature tropical house vocal sound. The perfect starting point to get your tropical groove on.


    Rating: 8/10

    Pure filth! This pack has plenty of great full drum loops broken down into their raw elements so you can use them on your own tracks. Loads of great dirty percussive loops too as well as high hats, rides and shakers in the tops folder. Some really useful risers, atmospherics and transition noises supplied here too making it the perfect starting block to get your Techno on!

    Tropical Island House

    Rating: 8/10

    If you like your House Tropical... well guess what?... this is the sample pack for you! Packed full of lush melodic vibes recorded from Marimbas, Flutes, Pianos, Rhodes and other exotic instruments. With drum loops recorded at the optimum Tropical pace of 114 bpm as well as bass loops and tasty sound effects its a great springboard into production with that paradise flavour.

    Electro Swing

    Rating: 7/10

    Some wonderful vintage samples here cut up and ready to go as well as the more modern day loops of synths, pianos, basses and of course drums. A great way to get insipiration to create your own tracks with a twinge of swing.


    Rating: 8/10

    Over 200 beautifully recorded acoustic guitar loops here which will give your tracks that special edge. You could mangle them through an effects machine, or sample the notes and replay them in your own style or simply use them as they are. Sample packs like these are the perfect way to start blurring genres when used in the right way ;)

    A vast array of weird and wonderful musical loops, bass, atmospherics and stabs here as well as some great drum loops either timed at 128 or 140 BPM (which of course can be warped to whatever BPM youre working at). The perfect springboard for anyone getting into Trap & Ambient Electronica but also for those making House, Deep House or Techno. It’s always very important to use sounds other people in your genre might not be to start cross pollinating and creating some new and fresh music. Very well produced and thought out pack this one.. love it ;)

    House Brass Vol. 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Sample Packs like these are essential if you want to make your production stand out from the rest and have that extra dimension. Adding real instrumtents to the mix to give it that edge that many others wont have! Chose from folders of drops, loops or riffs which include loads of Trumpet, Tombone, Sax and a variety of horns all recorded live by real musicians. You can really go to down with your effects in your DAW on these too and make them sound totally alien from their original state or just drop them in as is.. perfect for Electro Swing and that Big House sound.

    21st Century Trip Hop

    Rating: 10/10

    One of the most in depth and well produced sample packs ive heard in a long time. Even if Trip Hop isnt your thing this pack could come in very useful due to the range of material available from Pianos to Strings, Guitar & Bass loops to some beautiful soundscapes in the Inspiration loops folder. There’s live hat loops as well as full on breaks and beats which really can beef up or provide the bedrock of your production. Superb

    If you’re looking for THAT Defected sound then look no further. Label favourite Frany Rizardo provides a great selection of music and bass loops with that classic House sound alongside some slamming drum loops as well as a plethora of single drum hits and effects for you to make your own beats with.

    Slamming beats, dark & nasty basslines, pads, keys, huge effects.. basically everything you could wish for in a sample pack.. all well presented and perfect to get cracking on your first production. These guys have been rocking dance floors everywhere the last few years and you too can use some of their magic now with this sample pack.

    Absolutely smoking! What i love most about this pack is the huge variety of sounds with BPM of loops ranging from 75 to 177 so there really is something for everyone! If used well you could really create some exciting genre bending tracks using this pack.. Massive basslines, gritty drum & percussion loops and some great dubbed out effects.. superb

    A very well thought out and detailed sample pack which includes some lovely hooks and melodies as well as Chrisoph’s signature slamming drum loops, basslines and arpeggios. He’s even thrown in some of his own groove templates so you can add some exiting swing to your midi drums or keys.

    Some interesting vocals here which if used well and perhaps run through a series of effects units could really make your production stand out from the crowd. Loads of well recorded vocals arranged into key and bpm ready for you to drop into your project and spice up your track,

    Blues Harp

    Rating: 8/10

    This is the kind of sample pack that helps you stand out from the crowd. Mixing up different styles of music and using recordings of real instruments played perfectly by professional musicians! There's a great selection of Blues sounding licks here which you can mash up through your effects machines to give them a unique twist.. Great fun to play around with

  • Eraser - Beat Textures

    Rating: 7/10

    Plenty of interesting rhythmic textures here which will add that extra layer of depth to your music. Some handy one hits and FX stabs too. Patches suiting all your DAWs samplers or WAV files to just drop in your arrange page to then start to play about with. Its this kind of sound that gives your drum tracks that feeling of depth needed in modern electronic music.

    Want to get signed to Defected?... well this might help!! Get the trademark House sound carefully crafted by Defected stalwarts Copyright with this rather large sample pack. Plenty of loops to chose from, broken down into percussive sounds, shakers, hats or full on drums. Pre-made basslines and some great musical loops in here too.. pianos, rhodes, synths etc. Loads of one hit stabs, chords, drum hits and SFX all neatly arranged in folders as well as in REX files or Sampler Patches.. as Pete Tong would say.. Essential!

    Want to make music like Carl Cox? ... Well now you can!! The Techno legend has lovingly prepared a whole array of bassline, lead synth, drum and percussion loops for you, with a beautiful folder of musical vibes to boot! There's loads of musical groove loops too as well as packs of one hit stabs, drum sounds and sound SFX. One of the best packs I've heard in a long time. Essential!

    A wonderful selection of ambient textures and soundscapes which not only are perfect for making downtempo and chillout or trip hop tracks with but could also come in very useful in the dance arena to help give your production an edge and extra dimension. Some superb high quality bass, drum, percussive, synth, piano and voice loops along with sound effect, synth and drum one shot samples and the usual sampler patches there's so much here to work with you might get lost in the ether!.

    Bucket loads of Brazilian beats in this pack (as you would expect from the title!) perfect to spice up your productions with that Latin American twist. Live recordings of the real deal from Batucada beats to bells, whistles, shakers and a huge array of percussive sounds and loops. Clever use of these kind of samples will really make your tracks stand out from the rest. Now.. where did i put my Caipirinha?!


    Rating: 7/10

    Almost 150 wonderful soundscapes to pepper up your production giving it that dark ethereal texture and depth. Divided into different keys and speeds all can be instantly looped in your DAW to fit your track or loaded up via the normal sampler patches.. Clever use of these will really make your production stand out and give it another dimension.

    A huge and well thought out quality sample pack here for all you House heads. Loads of drum loops from hats, percussion, tops as well as full loops. Plenty of basslines, synth loops and even real horns and strings for that classic House sound. Then there's loads of one hits stabs of strings, clavs, horns, analog bass, real strings and a plethora of sound effects. A band of Massive presets as well as all the sampler patches so you can load them up automatically in your DAW.. definitely one of the better artist sample packs out there.

    Straight up no messing Hector Couto house beats in a small but well formed sample pack. Several full and semi formed drum loops in here as well as a selection of one hit drums to make your own grooves with. There's also some bass loops and a few nice classic house sounding chords in a variety of keys as well as some Acid loops and a few effects.

    Total Electro Swing

    Rating: 7/10

    If it aint got that swing it don't mean a thing.. and this pack really has that swing!! Loads of great live sounding swing drum loops here from trad jazz to military style. Some great guitar and sax loops in that old swing band style as well as some nu swing loops which have been mashed up to give it that modern Electro edge. Plus there's some royalty free public domain samples from old Big Band, Rag Time and Jazz Bands from the 'olden days' to give your track some authenticity!

    Very handy pack of vocal samples, especially if you're into that G-House sound. Split into three main folders you can choose either 1 shots, vocals with effects already layered on or phrases. Some slower timed vocal phrases in there too for projects flowing between 70 and 110BPM but I'm sure they'd sound pretty dope sped up too.

    Afro Cuban Percussion

    Rating: 7/10

    Loads of decent percussive one shots in here to help expand your sample library with and to give your drum programming that real authentic sound. A nice selection of maracas, bells, guiros, timbals as well as the more standard bongos and congas. There's some pre recorded percussive loops there too which will help give your production some real Afro Cuban flavour.

    Berlin Deep House

    Rating: 7/10

    A decent selection of loops here all ready for you to drop in your DAW. There's also loads of one hit drum sounds for you to create your own drum loops from scratch. Some handy baselines, vocal effect loops and synths to help you on your way too. The perfect starting point for those new to the game.

    Really useful pack to add that extra layer of authentic live sound to your tracks. Plenty of horn samples recorded in all keys either dry or ready for use with loads of dub delays and tasty reverbs already on.

    Summer EDM Festivals

    Rating: 6/10

    If EDM is your thing then this is the perfect starting pack to get things underway! With several folders or Drum, Bass and Synth audio loops any of which you can drop in your DAW to get rolling and layer on top of each other.. as well as the obvious melodies and big larey synth drops and plenty of effects for you to crank up and make an EDM monster with!

    Luke's signature Freaky House sounds in full effect here! Superb sample pack full of crazy and quirky synth stabs, drum hits, loops and effects perfect for giving your track that edgy sound. The bass loops have got a very nice analog feel to them with a great live feeling to many of them too. All in all a well thought out pack full of very exciting and useful samples and loops.

    Deep House & Garage

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a great pack full of exciting bass, drum and percussive loops. Really cool melodies and loads of great analog sounding synth stabs perfect to put in your own sampler and play around with til you find the perfect sound. This pack also comes with loads of bass and chord midi patterns to throw your own sounds at to create something new.. One of the most solid sounding packs I've heard in a while it has to be a said ;)

    A decent sample pack to get started with. There's everything you need to make a track from scratch here with full drum loops, hats, kicks, snares as well as construction hits. Some nice melodies in loop form as well as midi to use your own synths with

    Lyrical Soundtracks

    Rating: 7/10

    Some very nice musical elements in here ready to use in your production aimed mainly i would think at real songwriting or music for film score. The classical sounding piano and guitar wav's come in folders of various key and bpm which are all well recorded.

    Umek doing the business here with a very comprehensive and exciting selection of samples, patches, loops and effects all in his signature sound. Not only has he supplied plenty of audio loops for you to drop straight into your DAW but there's also a great selection of Maschine, Reaktor and Sylenth patches here as well as all the standard ones. Loads of great drum fills, SFX, Chord and synth stabs.. this is one of the fullest and most varied packs out there right now.

    Heavyweight Funk Bass

    Rating: 6/10

    A small but perfectly formed pack of live bass riffs with a funky flavour! Split into 4 main folders spanning a large BPM range 100, 110, 120 & 130 there are bass loops in different keys so all you need to do now is drop one in to your project.. time stretch it to fit and add your own effects. Great to add that live music sounding vibe to your tracks.

  • Sébastian's key sound shine through here with some seriously funky baseline and drum loops.. The drums are nicely presented to since they're split into project folders and so you can take just the hats or shaker or percussion loops if you want or use them all together with your own effects and mix down. Some tasty music and synth loops in here too as well as loads of single shot stabs, hits and of course FX..

    Atalanta Chill Vol2

    Rating: 8/10

    Love this pack and all the variety of sounds provided here. Perfect not only for making laid back down-tempo music for TV / Film or the pool side but could also just as easily be incorporated into some House tracks to stand out a bit from the norm. As always with LM packs this not only has a great selection of ready made loops but also sampler patches with hits, stabs and sfx all very well organised into folders. Im sure some of this pack will find it's way into my ambient T_Mo project soon ;)

    Some killer fat drum loops in this pack as you would expect from this duo. Many taken straight out of their own tracks by the sound of it so if you want to replicate the sound of now (and the early 90's!) then this is the pack for you! Also some great bass stabs and loops as well as some stand out SFX hits including a few vocal stabs which I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot in the clubs pretty soon thanks to loop masters. Some lovely sounding synth pads in here too.

    Tech To House

    Rating: 7/10

    Some interesting samples in this pack with lots of crazy synth stabs and bass loops. Some nice drum loops in here but the best thing about this pack is the Perc and SFX folder which has loads of great chords, stabs and weird effects perfect to make your track stand out.

    Dale supplies some seriously tasty samples here with loads of key stabs from analog synths as well as plenty of already looped up drum and percussion parts, melodies and well time effects. Loads of handy one shots as well to load up your sampler with to create your own drum loops with. Dale's signature sound of deep house and progressive shines through for this well thought out sample pack.

    If it's EDM your after then look no further. This pack supplies you with a huge array of monster bass loops as well as those big room melodies and riffs. Drums come in full on loops already made to just drop into your DAW as well as some handy one shots if you're feeling more adventurous! Sound effects galore too with all the white noise you could possibly need for that EDM hit track!

    I love packs like this with really unique and organic sounds. It really helps to pad tracks out with that background distortion sounds needed to give a more analog feel to digital tracks. A great selection of loops and some quality one hit drums too. Very nice pack indeed.

    Live Deep Jazz House

    Rating: 9/10

    One of the best sample packs on here if you want to give your tracks that real live organic sound. This pack provides plenty of perfectly recorded Deep Jazzy House sounds, from real live acoustic double bass loops to Horns, Sax and Piano samples. The percussion comes in the form of construction kits so you can just grab some jazzy hats, snares and even live kicks to give your track that organic live sounding edge to it.. Jazzz hmmmm nice!

    Deep Groove House Vol2

    Rating: 8/10

    Some very tasty drum, bass & melody loops in this pack to get any new producer straight in the game here! The pack also has a nice selection of hits stabs and sound effects to pepper up your tracks with.. nicely thought out and great sounding sample pack for anyone into the Deep / Tech House sound.

    Great idea for a sample pack this featuring sounds and loops from various producers all signed to one of the leading Deep House & Nu Disco labels of the moment. This way you get a nice selection of different sounding production styles all in the one pack. Loads of decent drum loops to get started with and everyone chipping in their own Basslines, Chord stabs, music loops and special effects.

    Deep House kids will love this pack which can help build their productions up from scratch with handy construction packs where you can select as many or as few percussion loops which already work well together in the mix. There's also a neat selection of bass and synth loops to get started with as well as some nice synth stabs and effects.

    Tropical Tech

    Rating: 8/10

    A superb selection of carnival sounds here with really unique and handy percussive loops and hits. This kind of sample pack is perfect to help give your tracks some more intricate detail and that organic live sound when added over the top of your drum tracks. Loads of full on conga and bongo loops as well as Samba stops and all sorts of amazing percussive instruments and sounds. One of the most handy packs out there right now if you like your drums sounding full of tropical flavour!

    Disco Strings

    Rating: 7/10

    If you want to add that Salsoul flavour to your Disco House track this pack is essential. Plenty of real string stabs and full phrases to pepper up your production with. Also some great strings which sound like they've come out of an old movie score which could also be useful in many ways.

    It's always great to have a whole load of new soft synth presets as a starting block to create your own synth sounds from and this pack is perfect for exactly this. Especially being as Predator seems to concentrate on hard house sounds for its own presets so Andy Lee provides more of Deep and Tech House vibe with his bank of presets. I particularly like one called Dark Chord Lord which just opening up the cutoff filter creates a monster of an organ sound!

    House & Garage Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    I can imagine we're going to be hearing a load of these cut up vocal samples a lot over the next year in the clubs around the world.. very useful and already processed, cut up and in time with your beats you can either just drag and drop these vocal samples into your project or be more creative and mess about with them until they're no longer recognisable! Either way they have that Deep House flavour that's en vogue right now!

    All you need to make your very own deep house bomb here! Plenty of individual percussion and drum hits all packaged nicely into kits, a nice selection of fx plus a whole load of synth hits and stabs. For those with less of a creative flair there's quite a few already made drum and bass loops just ready to drop into your DAW to create an instant groove.

    Some beautiful string arrangements here and very well recorded. This pack would be very useful for TV/Film/Game scoring more than making dance music although im sure a few string hit would work well in the odd deep house or disco sounding track. When hiring a full string orchestra is out of reach this is a real winner.

    Very handy if you cant play guitar! Some exceptionally well recorded acoustic guitar riffs and chords here which could be used less for dance productions i would think but more for film / score production or if you're missing a guitarist from your folk band!

    Deep House and Garage

    Rating: 8/10

    A fantastic selection of proper House sounds and loops here perfect to get your tracks started with. It comes with an extensive selection of drum hits to build your own kits as well as pre made loops for those looking for a quick fix! Im sure with the current 90's House revival this will be a very popular pack indeed!

    Got to love these Sylenth preset packs.. perfect to get you straight to the ball park you want to be when making House and Deep House.. All that's left to do is to tweak them to perfection so the sounds sit tight in your own tracks

  • Return of the Mac!! What can i say? The man is a legend and to have access to so many sounds straight out of his studio is a privilege for any new producer. Loads of one hit drum samples in here as well as a huge array of stabs and keys from a variety of Steve's analog synths. He also provides some great little musical loops to get you started with and some heavy drum loops for that real House sound.. essential stuff

    Audiojack supply a huge amount of Drum, Bass and Musical loops perfect to kick start any new track with to get your juices flowing. Also plenty of effects and single hits for those more adventurous producers out there. This is an incredibly well thought out sample pack (one of the best on the site in my humble opinion).

    this has already come in very useful for a few of my new projects and will spice up any track needing that extra touch of vocals.. some great shots and one hits as well as some fuller chorus vocals which have already been well processed but you can add your own twist and really mash them up for your own tracks,,,

    Great for anyone going for that huge electro EDM sound! loads of hooks, stabs, fx, noises and risers here to pepper up your productions with that big room sound..

    Junkyard Percussion

    Rating: 8/10

    Fantastic sample pack perfect for those more experimental producers out there looking for new and unique sounds to use either as percussion or as stabs, hits and effects.. this should bring a whole load of great and new sounding House Music to the clubs soon when people start making great use of the huge array of cool noises supplied here!

    Fantastic sample pack for anyone after that Deep / Tech House sound. Simon provides loads of unique and different sounding baselines, synth hooks, percussive loops and effects.. really well thought out pack that im sure we'll be hearing a lot of licks from! One of the best packs ive heard on here in fact!

    Big Room Bizness from the Italian stallions here! some seriously heavy loops of bass, drums and synths perfect if you're using Ableton and want to make some big room anthem nice and quick! The guys have created some pretty full sounding loops which although leave little to the imagination make it nice and easy for newbies to construct a full tech house monster in just a few hours! Some useful separates in here too though for those who want to make their tracks a little more personal.

    Everyone needs a bit of Jazz in their life! and this pack is the perfect way to Jazz up your productions giving it that really live feel to soften it and move it away from a harsh electronic sound. There's loads of full loops for those feeling a little lazy but also loads of very handy single percussive loops to chose from. Great for House, Deep and Techy and im sure ill be using some of these on my T_Mo chillout / ambient tracks in the future...

    loving this pack.. got loads of Daft Punk / Cassius sounding loops and sounds perfect for giving your track the French touch ;) Am sure we'll be hearing a lot of these sounds in releases over the next year or so. As always with Loopmasters packs this pack is well thought out and organised into drums, bass, guitar and synth sections so its easy to find what you're looking for.

    Loads of very handy sound effects in this pack which are essential for putting the finishing touches, that spit and polish to your tracks. From Big Room crashes and impacts to those all important riser sounds and white noise effects.

    I love this pack and will be using loads of the sounds and atmosphere's in my T_Mo downtempo / chillout project productions. There's a lovely assortment of sounds here which not only will work for ambient music but could also be used well in Deep House and other forms of dance and perfect for breakdowns to make your track stand out from the rest.

    So great to have all these new patches and in formats i can use across many of my preferred synths.. It makes starting off with sounds so much easier and then taking these new presets to the next level and to tailor them to perfectly suit the track im working on. This is a far better and more inventive way of making music and is essential for everyone's DAW set up.

    Loads of lush deep house sounds in here perfect for every level of producer wanting to make deep and techy House music. Trevor supplies loads of full loops for those wanting to make a quick start to their tracks but also loads of single hits, stabs and sound effects in the sampler patches which come in very useful.

    Fantastic pack here from Phil who offers a great range of samples from full beat loops for those in need of a quick start, but here he has also kindly broken down the loops into each element so you can extract just the rhythmic sounds you want or recreate the whole loop from scratch. Loads of great sampler patches too so you can use just the individual hits and stabs.. A very well thought out pack and lovely production on the sounds too.

    Afro Tech Vocals 2

    Rating: 7/10

    some very well recorded and interesting african vocals here.. not a massive amount but if you want to add that Afro flava to your track this could be very handy

    Elevation FX

    Rating: 8/10

    Fantastic pack of Effects here.. perfect to add those final touches to your production. The icing on the cake so to speak with so many great risers, transitions, impacts and crashes and carry overs all of which will help gel all your sounds and channels together to give that overall polished feel.

    Spektre doing what they do best.. supplying you with some serious Techno and dark Tech House arsenal to either help you create from scratch or to beef up your tracks with. There's loads to chose from and all very well produced from full on loops to stabs, hits and sampler patches.. Also some great effects thrown in to give you everything you need to make your own music with.

    Strictly Melodic FX

    Rating: 8/10

    Some very useful fills and atmospherics in this pack.. perfect to spice up your final production with the subtle extra layers that will make your music stand out from the rest.

    Minimal Tech Vox 3

    Rating: 7/10

    Another great vocal sample pack here. As usual some great vocal one shots, glitches and short phrases in this pack perfect to take your production to the next level.

    Minimal Tech Vox 2

    Rating: 7/10

    Some great vocal one shots, glitches and short phrases in this pack perfect to take your production to the next level. So often a track just needs that icing on the cake and these vocal packs provide exactly that.

  • Some really nice and organic sounding samples and beats in this pack.. perfect for making my music more earthy and ethereal ;) Great selections of sounds in all formats as always so perfect for loading into the samplers on my DAW.

    Amazing sample pack.. one of the best ones out there in my opinion! Alex offers a plethora of cool beats and some very full loops for those who need help making drums from scratch! Some very handy percussive sounds and effects in here as well as a load of one hits perfect to drop into Geist to get my groove on! But it's the synth stabs and textures that's a winner in this pack for me as well as some cool vocals. Ive even alread used one of the long vocal samples for one of my ambient T_Mo projects which im sure will be used over and over again in tracks by many other artists released later in the year because it's so hot!

    Im a big fan of Plugin Preset packs and this is no exception. Really love Meat Katie and so to have what feels like his secret stash of Massive settings is great and a real help when i want to jump to that big elecro/tech/breaks sound for a lead or phat bass!

    This is a lovely well thought out sample pack with plenty to chose from. Some really full and crunchy analog sounds including some great Juno bass loops in here. Also they provide some very handy percussion and effects perfect to pad out your production. There's some great full drum loops for those needing the extra help getting their groove on.

    Im loving all of your synth preset packs so far and this one is no exception. It takes you to settings on plugins like Massive that you would have taken a long time to discover for yourself and gives you a new starting point to really make some MASSIVE sounds! So much flexibility in packs like these especially when they're not the genre of music i normally make so i can work some new sounds into my production and switch things up a bit. More like this please ;)

    Now THIS is the future of sample packs for me.. Total freedom in producing your own sounds out of brand new presets you would never have found without the expertise of such amazing producers such as Jody. There's so much to chose from here and you dont have the limitations audio samples and loops give you and there's no worry of any other producer releasing a track with the exact same lead hook as you.. so long as you give Jody's presets a tweak... ow! I would love to see more sample packs like this, it would open up so many new doors for producers all around the world.

    Some amazing new sounds, loops and effects in this pack. Just what is needed to make your productions stand out from the rest. There's plenty to chose from here and the quality of the sound is great. Really useful sampler patches too for those who dont want to get stuck with just the loops. This should take your music in an all together different direction no matter what genre you started out with.

    Great production on this pack from the Inland Knights with a nice selection of synth leads, pads, basslines and drums. Everything you could need to get going on a House mission.

    Some amazing live drum hits in this pack, perfect to get that jazzy, groovy, breaksy live feel to your productions. Also some very handy drum loops for those cheeky fills and breaks. There are some great live musical elements too with horns, flutes and everything you could need to give your music that organic feel and take it away from the synthesised sounds of the now.

    Some wicked live drums which come in very handy for fills in all styles of music. Would love to have this guy play live over one of my sets! ;)

    Loving the quality of Fred's synths in this pack.. some very useful patches too. Drum loops will help beef up anyone's productions and the effects in here come in very handy

    A well thought out sample pack with a nice selection of loops in a wide range of tempos here. Some great stabs, hits and keys which should add that sunshine smile to your productions.

    Some very useful sound effects, risers, noises and air horns in here perfect for plussing your track. Also i can see this pack coming in very useful for DJs using Live set ups to add that extra buzz to their sets.

    some solid sounds and grooves from a US House legend. drum loops are full of funk and some very tasty melodies, stabs and effects.. everything you need to make some real house music with

    a really varied array of samples and loops here from a couple of superb producers perfect to beef up your production with. also some neat drum loops to get you started with as a building block and some very handy fx sampler patches for your DAW.. nice package this one

    Very useful patches, single hits and loops in this pack.. all programmed to perfection and they all work nicely together in unison to make authentic sounding music. Some of this will come in very handy for my T Mo down-tempo projects as well as using the occasional patch or loop to make my dance stuff more exciting..

    Designer Dance FX

    Rating: 8/10

    Perfect material to polish up your productions with. Some great rises, stops, carry overs, wooshes & FX in this pack.. with this sample pack you can really add the icing and the glacé cherry to the cake!

    Minimal Tech Vox

    Rating: 7/10

    Some wicked little cut up vocal effects in here perfect to spice up your tracks with. Saves hours of sampling and chopping up acapellas and you wont get in trouble using them when they get released either!

    Always been a big fan of Timo Maas so it's great to see a fresh sample pack from him on here. Plenty to choose from with some amazing effects and sampler patches ready to go straight into my EXS24 in Logic to trigger from my keyboard so i can jam around with his sounds.

    Massive fan of James Harcourt so it's great to get hold of some of his raw materials with this sample pack. Already spiced up one of my latest productions with some FX from this pack. Nice to see a snippet of synth in there that he used on his remix of my Wonderlust (Free Your Mind) track too ;)

  • Disco Drops

    Rating: 7/10

    Some wicked Disco drum loops in here perfect for dissecting and using in modern day House music. Im sure these will come in very handy for some of my engineering gigs with all this NuDisco movement really picking up pace at the moment.

    As expected, a solid selection of dark, twisted and atmospheric loops, hits and patches from Steve. Again this will come in very useful for my studio engineering sessions when im limited on time with a client and we need to find some solid grooves and atmospherics.

    Rennie comes up trumps here with a solid selection of breaks and beats. Also providing us with some very handy Sampler patches to use his hits and FX. Perfect for experimenting in cross genre pollination!

    Beautifully crafted orchestral loops here perfect for the more organic sounding producers. The construction kits are a very useful tool as well as providing some midi patterns to mess around with and use our own instruments on creating some epic sounding pads.

    Always been a big fan of Martin Dawson / King Roc so this sample pack doesn't disappoint. Full of unique and current sounds to spruce up your production with. Some great drum loops for those with working with programmes like LIVE and fantastic construction kits, stabs and effects for those willing to delve a little deeper into the world of production

    Some great Breaks in here from a superb producer. Full loops, synths and drum percussion sounds on there own.. It's got everything you'd expect from a well thought out sample pack. This will come in very handy when im engineering Breaks, Dubstep, Crunkstep and even Ambient sessions.

    Movie Dialogue Vol. 4

    Rating: 7/10

    Some great spoken word here to help spice up your production and make it stand out from the rest. The great thing is these are all royalty free so no need to worry about being pulled up on this because of copyright issues further down the line.. great for the more creative producers out there

    A great selection of hits, stabs, percs and noises for the more inventive producer out there. Also a whole host of prefab loops both in drums and synths as well as full combi loops for those who just like to drop them into Ableton for a quick fix!

    Just got back from a tour of Brasil so am all over this pack like a fat rat!! Perfect to help build some real live carnival rhythms and to make your music stand out from the rest.

    Some very useful risers, atmospheres and effects in this pack which would come in very handy for those without the right tools to create them from scratch themselves... these provide the icing on the cake to take your track from almost finished to absolute belter!!

    Traditional Percussion

    Rating: 8/10

    Some fantastic and very varied sounds and loops here which are perfect for both studio producers and live performers to get their teeth into. So many original drum patterns to chose from, cut up and remodel with some fantastic hits and effects too.

    I've been a massive fan of Faze Action for years now so it's great to be able to toy around with their building blocks with this sample pack. There's a great selection of sounds, hits, stabs and fx as well as some handy full loops for those needing that extra helping hand! I'm sure this will be lapped up by all the new Nu Disco producers out there chasing the latest musical trend!


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