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Sitar Guru – Indian Strings
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Genre: Strings

Additional Styles: World

EarthMoments presents Sitar Guru – Indian Strings -  a vast library of sitar samples recorded with renowned virtuoso Imran Khan. Hailing from a prestigious lineage of musicians from the Sikar Gharana, Khan’s mastery of the instrument is unparalleled. This vivid tapestry of sitar loops and samples are tailor made in style and tempo to fit a variety of production styles.

A stunning collection of authentic sitar samples, this bundle flaunts the exquisitely esoteric timbres of the instrument, a sound that is both meditative and haunting, exhilarating and transcendental.

Khan’s years of tutelage with his distinguished uncles including Sarangi player/vocalist Ustad Sultan Khan - who played as part of the act Dark Horse with George Harrison and Pandit Ravi Shankar - has shaped him into a leading exponent of the modern Hindustani Classical tradition. With their lush background drones and distinctly exotic resonance, these sitar samples can add a truly other worldly quality to any composition.

Recorded in Mumbai with Class A microphones and preamps, the loops have been recorded in various keys and in different Ragas, but with popular Western tempos and time signatures in mind. This has created a flexible palette of sound that is easy to integrate into several different genres of music – whether it’s ambient or experimental, electronica or world music.

Please Note: This is a Sitar Loop sample pack only, other sounds in the Demo are for illustration perposes only

  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 1.4 GB
  • 987 Total Loops with:
  • 220 70BPM
  • 191 90BPM
  • 168 100BPM
  • 190 120BPM
  • 218 140BPM

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Need4mirrors big


Need For Mirrors
This is suitable in any genre.
Celtislam big


Celt Islam
Beautifully crafted sitar loops and sounds! Ideal for you lovers of all things Indian ethnic and perfect for many genres! Personally i love using such sounds in Neuro Driven Drum and Bass and Transnational Dubstep / Sufi Dub styles but drop any of these belters in House Trance or Trap and Boom you are taking to another level!

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