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Genre: Bass House

Additional Styles: Electro House, Bass House, and Tech House



One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 125

Another amazing set from Yakov at Singomakers. I love this combo of funky, deep and tech. Just immediately dropping loops together and then adding new, original parts as well - it sounds like a huge banger ! Sometimes sample sets can sound great on first listen then as you get into using the loops- your ideas can "drift" and the sound doesn't end up working as well as you thought it would. That's not the case here...as everything provided works amazingly well and sounds hot. It's instant inspiration as soon as you start working. You get bass loops, drum loops, music loops and vox loops with enough variety in each folder.

A great pack of sounds for Bassline house AND other genres as well! great to get your creative juices flowing and hearing how some sounds are done up close. There is a wide array of well crafted sounds to choose from and they are bound to take your track up to the next level!


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