Excellent selection of Jazz Drums, I was really impressed by the range and quality of the recordings. Also there is a wide variety of timbres and rhythms, perfect for any looking for Jazz Drums, pairs really nicely with the Mark Fletcher pack

Really great to see the follow up addition of this excellent pack. These Jazz Drums come packed with everything you need to lay the Foundations for your next production. You can see instantly on opening this pack, you are greeted with a generous array of folders which is so good to have a great choice of sounds. Top Loops are brilliant, giving you instant inspiration which can take you in so many directions, from Fills, Rides and so much more. A whole host of Cymbals with a variety of patterns really useful to create evolving patterns. So many Drum Loops at your disposal, you can use as is, or chop or flip in any way you want. You get various folders of Brushed Loops enabling you to build your rhythm section. You get separate Hits which is so good to design your own Jazz Dum kits which allows your creativity to keep you in the flow. Finally included is the Sampler Patches which will really expand your sound palette.


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