This sample pack has some absolutely stunning vocals. Gorgeous waves of emotionally charged harmonies, top lines and ambient sound effects. Whether you're looking for a full song, or just snippets to fit into your track there's likely something for you in here. Well worth checking out.

Vital Vocals makes quickly a name by itself in the sample pack industry and this new releases proves once again why. Delivering high-quality vocal samples as per usual, this time this brand focuses on Chillwave and makes it definitely properly. Featuring loads of files, it however offers only 5 different tunes, which is a bit low for a sample pack in my opinion.

Although this doesn't contain the kind of vocals that I'd use in their entirety, I found this pack useful for making chops. The vocals all have a delicate naive quality about them, nicely recorded, and conveniently arranged in key/phrase folders.

Top notch vocals for making chill music and even more. It works well with all kind of Bass Music. Useful as they are, you can still chop them to make new harmonics and create new phrases. Def a must have if you're searching great vocals for your music.

Very professional recorded and produced pack of vocals on the market. When I found this one, I fell in love with one single tune inside so I decided to download it. I was really impressed about the quality and variations of the vocals, it is really prepared for everything you gonna need during writing a big tune. To be 100% honest, that tune isn't still finished, but that's the music producers daily business, when you have full HDD of unfinished tunage waiting for that final touches and release. What I really enjoyed was that set of vocals in different keys inside every pack of tune.


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