Organic Loops can do no wrong at the moment. This pack is superb. Perfectly laid out for ease of use, beautifully recorded loops and loads of them. 10 out of funking 10.

This package is really fantastic!!! It's no secret that i also produce the music for most of the TV commercials i direct. This package comes in very handy for those who want their music to sound filmic. You can combine all kinds of solo's to create your own orchestra. Suitable for triphop, pop, rockā€¦ you name it. I am sure the more adventurous electronic producers know their way with this as well. I have rewarded it with a 10 because of it's outstanding sound quality and as a compliment for Loopmasters for bringing special packs like this. Must have if you are into real MUSIC.

I've really been impressed with this collection, can see myself using it a lot!

Really nice selection of separate loops and combination sounds.

I found it really useful for grabbing snippets of chords from or short melodies. The full loops sounded great, and the multisamples were really useful too!

Having too much fun working with these samples collection at the moment. Top quality and easy to deal with even for non musicians like me. Getting all the way into the dark mood today!

Was a big fan of Real Strings 2 and glad I got this one as its a bit moodier. Its great even if i just wanna use a little part to get some inspiration. Saves a lot of time having the key for the whole score on there also!

it's all in the title of this pack. Perfectly recorded strings in various keys and there's even piano in there too. It's quite a distinctive sound so I suggest using a riff as a starting point for a production rather than trying to fit it in around an existing one. Lushness


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