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Genre: Africa

Additional Styles: World and Africa


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 100 - 140

I say this pack is amazing, as it does exactly what you want from it to the highest possible standard, no post-download disappointment here!

You've got a hefty 1.2gb of content for a start, with the choice of single hits and melody loops too. It's oozing with character and I can't wait to incorporate this pack into some new tracks. In fact, this review is over because I'm going to do that right now!...

This is easily the best sample pack of its kind I’ve come across! The different instruments were well recorded and provide a nice variety between sounds. Will be using this a lot!

love this instrument, been looking for something like this for a while. its very specific but if its the thing you're after this is great and the demo should convince you straight away! really good job.

These are the kind of distinctive sounds that can really set certain tracks apart. This pack has not only one shots and melodies, but also a range of well laid out sampler patches, making creating and experimentation that much easier. I wish more multi-sample packs were delivered like this.

An exceptional pack of authentic recordings of Mbira thumb piano loops and sampler instruments. There are five minor and major key variations in BPM ranging from 100 to 130 along with additional FX loops and 6x4 time signature loops. The Mbira used here sounds good and is recorded well - so if you need some African thumb piano then this is the pack to get.


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