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Genre: Bass House

Additional Styles: Bass House and Tech House



One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 125

Bangin hard bassline tech house. The drum loops a big - almost with a retro'ish feel. The basslines and synth loops are great- right in the pocket. You get vocal phrases that are heavily effected. There are "modular loops" which are percussive loops ran through a vocoder or some kind of granular synthesis. They are the extra "ear candy" in the audio spectrum. You also get regular percussion loops and top loops where you just add a kick. Those looking for something hard and clubby, this is another great set from the great Singomakers label.

This pack is a great one from Singomakers and has some amazing basses. They seem to have really focused on capturing a wide variety of basses in this one i.e. some with FM, some without, lots of different wave tables, etc. Not only that, but they've also included a ton of really great drum loops, percussion loops, and even some great FX to put a full track together. This pack is great for anyone ready to dip their toes in the bass house world and take their sound design to that next level.

Now and then I like to dabble in other genres and learn how things are done when I can't get them right myself! When I came across 'Bassline Axiom' i had to download it and check this out whilst I was working on a Bassline track of my own. The Basses and Drums in this pack are amazing! its a thumbs up from me, I'lll defo be using some of the nasty basses and bouncy kicks in this pack in a few future projects. Another great pack from Singomakers once again!

Baseline Axiom is about as upfront, grungy and mind bending as a sample pack gets. Expect to find a sample pack suitable for Bass House, Future House, G-House and others popular genres. I'm really loving the vibe and energy of the samples in this pack. crisp high quality drum loops all the way! The one-shot drum loops can be used in a variety of different genres. This is a must for all budding bass house producers. There's plenty of variety. The samples so anyone from beginner to expert will have a use for the sounds in this pack.


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