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Genre: House

Additional Styles: House, Techno, and Synths

PRO II by Wave Alchemy. This is a warm and nice collection of sounds ranging from Pads, Bass and Lead Synth sounds. This is a great little package for any electronica musician and DJ and i higly recomend this for any producer who wants a nice crisp and warm sound for their compositions .

Having regretted missing out on buying a Pro One several years back when a friend had a couple for sale (I took too long deciding if the £300 he was asking was worth it!), it has always been on my mind to pick up a synth by Sequential Circuits - only to watch the price triple in recent times. The sound and phattness of these synths are awesome. So to see this pack released with both the Pro One and Pro-II extensively sampled was one of those days where I knew I would be locked in the studio no matter what the weather!

Wave Alchemy have captured the machines beautifully - the sound is big, bold and nasty yet warm and smooth all at once. Basically full of analogue warmth and character that any vst synth can only dream of.

I used this mainly with Kontakt 5. The addition of the well designed front-end controls bring the Sequential Circuits firmly into the 21st Century, with the ability to control all the parameters as you would a dedicated synth plug-in but with the raw sound of a real analogue classic.


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