nice collection with some basic but also fresh stuff in there. works as a general library or as an add-on. some of the smaples went directly into my production. sounds all good and all in there!

Used this pack on a few productions and remixes lately. The FX were just what I was looking for in a pinch. I usually leave the transition Fx and "glue" between section changes until the end of my process. But with a very busy life and limited time to work these days, it can be hard to spend hours crafting and dialing in the right vibe to make the transition flow. This pack helped me achieve that in no time at all. With so many things to choose from, I simply loaded up an EXS INST, flew through the options and found the perfect 3-6 I needed. It really helped finalize the writing and arrangement phase and got me to my goal quicker. Thanks for the tools to help me do that.


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