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Genre: Bass Music

Additional Styles: Bass Music and Downtempo


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 140 - 140

A really gritty, but beautiful pack from Artisan Audio. Very pleasantly surprised by this one. Blurring the lines of Dub, Hip Hop, Dubstep & Electronica very well conceived. You get all the Sampler Patches straight away when you first dig into pack, which has you already thinking of all the possibilities you can create & forming a soundscape. You get all the single shots you need, from Bass Hits, Drum Hits, FX, Melodics Percussion & Vocals, really giving you the chance to expand your ideas. Finally you get the Loops, not many but workable ranging from Synths, keys, & a few Pads. It would have been nice to have seen midi. I think this would be good with a part 2 version as interesting were this could go with a second instalment maybe?

With Dust Steppers Artisan Audio dives into the dubstep genre. I am not quite sure, if this is a contemporary view on the genre, since I stopped following the scene a while ago. What you get here are some interesting loops and single sounds, nothing spectacular, but still quite good. The single drum sounds lack a lot of the sounds used in the loops, which is very disappointing, because some of the sounds used in the loops are quite special and they are impossible to chop out of the loops. So overall its a good library, heavily influenced from the original earlier Dubstep Sound. But I actually miss the really innovative libraries from Artisan Audio.


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