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Genre: Bass Music

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass, Garage, Vocals, and Bass Music


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 124 - 175

Great set of ragga/ bass/ dnb/ UK MC vocals. You get 1, 2 4 and 8 bar loops from various MC's at various tempos- 124, 130,140 and 175. This means you can use these vocals for almost any style of EDM. You can also stretch them down within your DAW. The MC's in this set have great authentic tone to their vocals. I find these kind of sets come in very handy to get a vibe going right away. The vocalists are from the UK- so if you're looking for that 'raggamuffin' style - you found the right set.

Awesome vocal pack with tons of variety in terms of phrases, tonality, and content. Def a great starting point for vocals needs in just about any style. Only thing I think it could possibly use is more shouts or one shots.


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