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Genre: Liquid

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass and Liquid

Yes guys what a solid pack to kick off the new EST Studios range. I'm all about the drums in this pack - the boys have some serious funk going on, Some great hits and you could roll out tracks with all the loops that are featured, Expect to hear some of this in my future releases.

Having been impressed with the Document One EST Studio pack we thought it would be worthwhile to check this pack also and we were happily surprised as we were not fully aware of GLXY’s output. Like the aforementioned pack, this one too is busting at the seams with musicality and interesting timbres that can enrich and get you out of a creative block. The Chords, Fx and Melodic Hits are superb, especially the ones inspired by Detroit Techno tradition and its great to see how they have adapted it to 174 BPM DnB. The attention to detail doesn’t end there, as the drums have been crafted meticulously in order to have the sonic strength of modern production and the loose organic top-end of a sampled breakbeat. The Bass Loops and Hits complement the other sections perfectly and veer away from the standard liquid-esque basslines into new minimal-tech territory! EST has created another musically invaluable power pack for the arsenal! We’d love to see a GLXY Part 2 pack in the future!

Pure and real UK drum and bass sounds from GLXY is a must have pack in your collection if you like the write some deep liquid rollers. Drum loops with some high energy top grooves and punchy kicks and snares, but also warm bass sounds with heavy low end is what you want. All the samples are unique and very detailed and they will give your tracks a professional feel. Love it!


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