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Genre: Dub

Additional Styles: Dub and Hip Hop

Another smoking Renegade release of expertly curated colors, layers and textures.   Traditional instrumentation often tips into psychedelic territory in some very inventive ways.  The one shots are killer whether subtle or heavy and for me the Loops are especially unique with all sorts of nuanced grit and wear baked in for that super authentic feel.  Excellent pack full of inspiration and quality. 

I love this pack, as it really shows the craft of Dubmatix / Renegade Audio Stepping in & around Dub Culture, Break Beat, & Downtempo. This really reminds me of growing up in Bristol, taking me back to the heavy days of the Sound system Culture on the Frontline in St Paul's. With the mix of Heavyweight Dub, Soulful & Rare Groove selections as the DJ & Selector mix it up on the High Tower as rewind request are mandatory. You are first greeted with the Bass Folder, 1 x Live Bass & 1 x Synth Bass, really love this as this gives you so much scope with how you want your sound to be sculpted in Dub Culture the Bass, Bass is pararmount as this sets the sonic tone to the vibes, as in Jazz it can be simple or complex & the frequency define the sound. Drums are next & they are great with such a wide range of styles & patterns, so well put together & conceived a nice variety of tempos with nice atmos to give depth & movement, also included are individual Drum Hits. Guitars are in here a small selection but nonetheless really useful, especially if you chop to taste. Horns are nice have a grainy texture & have the old skool dub ensemble sound you would get in the Heady 70s. Really like the Keys, they also have a gritty sound, with really lovely melodics, dubbed out bliss with Echo included to give it character. Love the MISC Folder, as this gives you a nice insight into Dubmatix & the many music styles he explores & not stuck in one genre putting giving us a sneak into his sonic palette. Percussion folder is really interesting as it covers some really nice sound pallets as well as traditional & of course dubbed out. Synths are next with a whole heap of sound textures, which will be very useable time after time, very nice & very individual. Finally you get One Shots, which are again so useful & should not be underestimated. Midi & Sampler Instruments are a must in these packs moving forward.


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