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Genre: Disco

Additional Styles: Funk, House, and Disco


One Shots


BPM: 122 - 122

I really stumbled over this as I missed the first time it was posted, and loved it, has a nice layer of sounds with a deep old school vibe, with a nice Studio 54 head nod with a genuine sense of not being a Cliché. Really lush sounding & again this pack provides midi which is an excellent inclusion, so hats of for the team at Loopmasters for providing this. I would have given it 10/10 but it would have been a nice touch to provide sampler instruments. But overall a very generous sound pack & really well but together with lots of thought & attention to detail.

At first you might think this is just another disco set of tracks...but upon hearing the demos individual sounds, I realized this is an amazing set that will give you the elements for a variety of ideas. I would have loved to have this as an Apple Loops set though. The drums in this are excellent- I really like the combination of old school and new sounds mixed to give it a really punchy sound. Drum loops are broken down to make it easy to work with and with more versatility. You get singing and talking vocal phrases, music and bass midi, bass loops, drum loops, music loops, fx, and percussion loops. The set is full of material that will keep you busy creating. You can use this set for making proper disco or what I like better- using elements to use for hybrid tracks. Its easy to mix single parts with other styles to create something fresh.


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