Enduser Breakcore is the perfect weapon of choice for you Hardcore dance music junkies who want that little extra edge to their tracks or Dj sets! Well armed with high end filthy Reece basses dirty beats and gnarly kick drums that rattle my soundsystem ! A perfect little neat package ideal for those new to the dark side of electronica.

My friend Lynn delivers, thats all I need to say here. He sent me loops before, we collaborated several times, but with this release he is on top of his game. if you are familiar with Endusers releases you know, what to expect here. The heaviest Amenbreaks known to mankind, chopped up, put together in his special fashion. I love it. What I love mostly about his stuff and this sample pack is, that he knows how to combine emotions, depth and beauty with his amazing Breakcore harshness. Get this!!

Phat, processed loops, junglistic snare workouts, gabber kicks, and timestretched breakbeats....

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