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Genre: Reggae

Additional Styles: Dub and Reggae

It's impossible to overstate just how much flavor is oozing from this pack: richness abounds and the sound design is expert.  As with the other Renegade releases this collection seems to keep outdoing itself as you listen through.  The broad spectrum of tempo combined with the decidedly dub theme makes this pack extra special and the range of clean sounds vs effected ones rides an ideal balance.

So if you're lucky enough to have these sound packs, your are sitting on a gold mine of detail of how sound design of a culture that is so steeped in history. The detail is stunning & truly outstanding. You are front & centre of the control tower, you have a virtual selector giving you sound after sound & you are the operator able to mix up dub selections with so much detail. Again I don't use this lightly....... Pure Class. I hope in the future Midi & Sampler Instruments are introduced as this would be a game changer as you have a timeless time machine that can take you to the Frontline of the 70s/ 80s were Dub was truly the innovator for all Downtempo, Chill & Dance Music Culture were you hear influence in music now & beyond, and being able to future proof you for all your Dub Creations. Genuinely can't wait to see what's next in the series, on past sound packs this is just scratching the surface. Amazing............

Inspired by the sonic experiments of the dub and reggae pioneers, this collection of low-end...

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