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Genre: Dub

Additional Styles: Dub and Reggae

Dubmatix is killing it right now with his sound packs & in conjunction with Phil ‘Illorn’ Horne on this, is again testament to cross culture of Dub, Steppers & Breakbeat & love the atmospheric downtempo scratch elements. As we know dub was one of the true art forms to embrace electronic music but the class of melding analogue gear & instruments. This pack demonstrates the ongoing creativity of this musical art form by growing & involving the musical landscape. Without dub you really wouldn't have all the sub genres in electronic music I could list this, but I wont, for those that know. This pack has such a great array of sounds that cross so many genres. Really great sound pallets I hope midi & sampler instruments are to be included moving forward as this would be a great asset not just relying on a loop or a one shot.

Brand new label in the game, Aim Audio delivers here a very nice Dub release. And we wouldn’t expect nothing less as one of the owners of this imprint is no one else than the Canadian Reggae-Dub champion Dubmatix! Featuring everything mandatory for producing a Dub track, from basses to vocals but also drums, instruments and fxs, this pack shouldn’t be missed by the producers of this genre, but also Reggae, Dancehall and Jungle.


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