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Genre: Funk

Additional Styles: Soul, Vocals, and Funk

Want some super groovy retro vocals that are always on 'The One'? This superbad (ie good)...

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One of the biggest vocal packs I've come across, although a lot of the samples are duplicates with FX there is still some very high quality samples in here and authentic funky sounding FX. Each vocal sequence is backed up with separated harmonies and phrases so you can really work toward the sound you want.

A superfly selection of super fine and funky vocals. Fit for flipping in beats, over breaks, or...

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A huge collection and an incredibly versatile selection for each track. There are multi samples breaking each line down into parts, clean, dry, delays, vocoders, all ready to bring the funk to any production. Most of all, these vocals ooze funk, both in content and delivery. The harmonies sound great, and the whole package is well worth it.


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