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Genre: Liquid

Additional Styles: Liquid and Drum and Bass



One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 172

Following on from Liquid Drum & Bass Horizons, here is another instalment. Always really impressed with 5pin Media especially with the inclusion of Midi, & Sampler Instruments, this shows me from the outset their attention to detail. Straight away you get a bonus folder, with Electric Pianos with individual notes, which is great to put into your Sampler of choice. Included also is Live 10 Templates, which again is excellent, would be great to see other templates for other Daw's, but it's a nice touch. Then you get the Loops themselves, and you won't be disappointed a very generous pack for everything you will need to make classy Liquid D&B.

A source of inspiration for all the liquid dnb heads out there. Outstanding rolling drum loops and percussion ready to drop into your productions. Professional quality audio samples that are definitely worth buying.


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