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Genre: Sound Archives

Additional Styles: Sound Archives and Dubstep


One Shots


Sampler Patches

Awesome collection! Luv every element in this one, very impressed by NI Machine KITS, very innovative! drum shots are really fat and usefull for different kinds of music. And again big pack of midis! Must have pack from 5 Pin!

This pack is absolutely brilliant. The samples and midi construction kits have proved so useful over the past month - I wanted to wait a little before writing this review to see just how diverse this pack could be

We've found this pack so useful in 80% of our work output over the past few weeks - even in some of our 4/4 productions

This is definably something I cannot recommend enough - I am using it with EX24 and Logic and it works like a charm

sometimes and inspired idea is all you need to start your way on to that one mega track, midi focus brings the dubstep beats of now to your projects !


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