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Genre: Jungle

Additional Styles: Jungle

The 'Combo' folder offers an interesting and immensely useful concept of small audio phrase chunks that can be dropped in as is or chopped old school sampling style as a means to inject doses of genuine flavor into productions. The 'Misc' folder is similar but with smaller sample bits and the key here is how good these bits are. The drum loops are some of my favorite in the 160bpm + arena and are both wonderfully vintage and absolutely body-moving. Overall this pack is worth is for the drums alone and essential for the musical elements as well.

So for me Jungle, has always been a relevant music genre, & always a recurring art form, it's back again bigger than ever, I suspect with an eye on nostalgia. This is what the pack gives you a ref point to the past, which is no surprise, but with a forward thinking approach of pushing this music even further. Excellent choice of sounds, fx, bass, drums, musical elements, hits. I could go on. There is so much good content here, true & authentic. Excellent & Outstanding


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