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Genre: Sound Archives

Additional Styles: Moombah and Sound Archives

loadsa fat sounds on this pack ,
and its not just the same old moombah stuff you heard a million times b4 , theres some great sounds which would be useable in other genres also and will deffo switch up your moombah tunes ,
i found theres some excellent synth sounds in here and great for a bit of musical inspiration

Amazing Moombah+Dubstep sounding sample set. If you had to put a name attached to it-it would have to be very 'Skrillex' sounding. Utku does another amazing job giving you everything you need to create this sound. Tons of inspirational loops to get you the best end result. The bass loops are fat and dirty, the music loops are a great combo of hi end sounds & synths to round it out. The synths loops are super 'screechy'and almost sound effecty. Another smash from Freaky Loops.


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