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Genre: Reggae

Additional Styles: Dub and Reggae

Once again Stereophonic samples hit the nail on the head with this pack. As with the previous versions, this series of packs oozes reggae/dub vibe suitable for any genre looking to dub things up. Full of high quality recordings of the main instruments you would find in Reggae tracks in loop and 1 shot formats.

Well the great man Renegade Audio (AKA Dubmatix) is back on it again at the very highest of high levels on this one. This is the true definition of Dub, always look forward to these packs, you really have everything you need to sculpt and create your own Dub Versions. Really well recorded, programmed & performed, but that is not a surprise. Excellent amount of content from Bass Loops, Drums, FX, Guitars, Horns, Keys, Vocals & Percussion, really giving you that authentic sound, so inspirational. Finally you get a folder of One Shots, which is good so you can truly build from the ground up with your own interpretation of this influential genre. Look forward to more of these sound packs . Keeps going from strength to strength.


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