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Genre: House

Additional Styles: House, Vocals, and Deep House

Awesome source material for all styles of music. Really speeds things up having the male and female vocals separated. With such a large amount of samples I found this pack great for just grabbing snippets of sound from different loops, and making my own parts. Will definitely be trying out more of the vocal sample packs! Recommended!

This House Acapella sample pack is a lot of fun. Not only does it have a very wide range of different singers, but they are also broken down into very good under-folders. This way it is easy to find what you are looking for. I also found it is lots of fun cutting these vocals up and putting them into a sampler to get a more edgy style out of them.
thank you ver much,

It's extremely difficult to find good acapellas these days. Thanks to Loopmaster for putting together this pack. Beautifully sung acapellas will be useful for most of the genres. Male Spoken Words are my favourites. Georgio El-hakim has amazing voice and already using some of this on my productions...

Solid pack of vocals right here. Got the house diva thing nailed well. Nice to have the spoken word section as well and it not be too cheesy. Recording quality is excellent throughout. Good work Loopymasters.

Very well recorded vocals here. I'm finding the spoken word section useful for getting a good groove started in your track.
With such a good selection of vocals to choose from it makes it easy to cut up/pitch all the parts and create your own vocal parts and hooks.
Very useful for all styles of music I would say.
Thanks loopmasters.

Very Well! This pack is exactly what i`m looking for! A LOT of materials to creating something really good! Cant wait to use something from this pack! Thx...

Variety of vocals for different genres. Interesting pack for sure. You can use them to get creative during your DJ set.


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