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Marco Carola

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Marco Carola is the recognized global ambassador of Italian techno. It's a position he treats with the utmost care and respect—and one that stands him among the hallowed company of contemporary techno's leading practitioners. Hailing from Napoli in the south of the country, Marco was among a small group of DJs and promoters who quite literally built the city's scene from scratch back in the early -'90s


  • Tasty sounding analog goodness! The attention to detail in the recordings is evident, with each one retaining its organic and raw quality. The FX package offers an array of modulations and a sonic playground for producers across various genres.

    So many melodies, harmonies, bass lines, leads, and arpeggiators in a variety of styles! This really inspires the imagination and gives the producer freedom of expression no matter the key they're in! There's definitely something in it for everyone!

    Techno Noir Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    Really nice sample pack full of usable samples, and it has you covered if you want short vocal loops or one-shots. High-quality recordings, and a good vocalist. They can help build a vocal groove or to transition in heavy electronic music. The processing of the vocals is also good.

    Peak Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    Love the analog warmth throughout the entire sample pack. Quality production overall. The Pad Loops and Breaks & FX folders can be implemented into some sub-genres too. The MIDI provided gives additional flexibility

    Tough Tech-House

    Rating: 9/10

    Nice work and carefully processed loops. They have invested quite some time and attention to the details. Some of the loops inside could fit well into a bouncy track. Perfect for аll tech-house producers!

    Techno Noir Vocals 3

    Rating: 9/10

    Great quality of the recorded vocals! I loved that it has both wet and dry versions, giving the flexibility to implement the elements within a production. I see these fit in tech-house, techno, and even melodic techno sounding productions

    The MIDI Collection

    Rating: 9/10

    So many melodies, harmonies, bass lines, leads, and arpeggiators in a variety of styles! This really inspires the imagination and gives the producer freedom of expression no matter the key they're in! There's definitely something in it for everyone!

    They Call It Acid

    Rating: 8/10

    Great throwback to the days of Acid House. Both the melodic and percussion elements from classic Roland machines sound crisp and authentic. Awesome pack to diversify any house, tech-house, or techno production

    Breaks House & Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    Superb analog warmth throughout the entire sample pack. The vocals fit within tech house production too and can be played a lot with to create ambiances and grooves. The percussion loops are soft and pleasant to the ear.


    Rating: 8/10

    Although labeled "Techno" a lot of the material I find that is suitable for the darker side of Tech-House! I like the intricate foley-infused percussion, dubby chords, menacing synths, sub-induced bass, and powerful one-shots.

    Epic Movie Themes 4

    Rating: 9/10

    I was looking for something to get me in the mood and spark up my creativity. I've enjoyed the strings, there are some good progressions for that dramatic kind of feel. Some of the loops inside could fit well into a dark and melodic track. Recommending it for artists that produce anything ranging from hip hop to melodic techno.

    Greatly recorded percussions! I like the congas. Fits nicely for tech house tracks

    Warehouse Deep

    Rating: 8/10

    Super nice deep and dark rhythms. The guys have put some effort in this. Perfect for the after hour sessions.

    Aethers 01

    Rating: 7/10

    Nice atmospheres! Great for some dark productions.

    Some nice and raw samples. I like how dirty and punchy they are in the same time. Suitable for some underground house music

    Sounds pretty old school, which is nice. But futuristic in the same time and the quality is quite good.

    Thick pads and basslines. Catchy melodies and the sound quality is really good. Quite a nice pack for the Nu school deep and garage producers.

    Organic Percussion

    Rating: 8/10

    Pretty nice played percussion sounds. Strong low end presence and expression. I like it.

    Nice percussions and drums. Fits for a variety of genres.

    Live recorded strings has such a strong character, which is presented right here. You can not achieve such sound with any plug-in. Recommended for anyone who wants better strings sound.

  • Main Room Deep House

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice, smooth, deep and warm. The music section is a real deep house showcase and the drum section sound tight at the same time. Like it.

    Nicely crafted and unusual atmospheres. A different, useful sample pack for the deep house producers and not only. Support.

    I like that weird sound library. Especially the analog character. A different and quality pack!

    Deep House and Garage

    Rating: 7/10

    Nice pack for the deep house & garage producers. Quality pad loops. Vocals are nicely fit too.

    Some nice drum work out here. Good for breaks producers. And not only, you can use it creatively in your house / techno productions as well

    Some crazy drums work out here. Fits for a lot of genres. Liking it a lot.

    Nice work and carefully processed loops. They have invested some time and attention to it. Perfect for the deep house producers!

    Hip Hop Instrumentals

    Rating: 7/10

    I've never tried hip-hop packs, but this one sounds good. Will experiment with some of those underground loops. Interesting pack!

    Some really nice and dirty beats here. I like the analog warmth in it. You can get creative and go outside of the box.

    Sounds tight and pure. Lovely analog quality on these bouncy and catchy loops. Top work!

    Junkyard Percussion

    Rating: 8/10

    These loops sounds dark and so clear at the same time. I like them. Top quality.

    Sounds wicked. I'll definitely use some of the effects in my DJ sets. Nice one!

    I like that dirty sound. Fits perfectly for any EDM genre where you want to put some dirtiness to your productions. A different pack to have!

    Excellent percussion package. All of them sounds juicy and very detailed. Top percussion pack!

    Sounds tight! Interesting pack with serious sounds. Nice for deep dubby techno productions.

    Some really good grooves here! The FX are also nice. Sound quality is perfect.

    Miami Ultra

    Rating: 7/10

    I heard some nice percussive loops and pads. Would test them. The MIDI's are good for deep and progressive house producers.

    Some bumping deep beats here. Fits perfectly for underground deep house. It's nice to have this pack.

    Soulful House Vocals

    Rating: 7/10

    These kind of packs are helping me when I get lack of vocals in my DJ sets. Also good for producers in different styles. Try them out!

    House Acapellas Vol. 1

    Rating: 8/10

    Variety of vocals for different genres. Interesting pack for sure. You can use them to get creative during your DJ set.

  • Legends in the industry. Pretty good sample pack. High quality percussion and drum libraries.

    Useful. Great for the beginners. Nice Bus Channel Strips.

    Epic Movie Themes

    Rating: 9/10

    Really epic strings and horns! Brilliant for anyone who wants to put some drama in their productions. These sounds are suitable for variety of genres.

    A very nice sample pack! The sound quality is great and it's full of vintage loops and sounds. Great for anyone who wish to create an oldschool sounding track.

    This pack is a treasure trove by the legendary producer Tom Middleton. It's has everything you need to create a high quality track. The sound is pure and awesome.

    Love the deepness and energy in this pack. Music loops sounds interesting too. And it's versatile for usage!

    Nu School Deep House

    Rating: 7/10

    That pack is really good for the new wave of music. It has some good bass lines and music loops. A useful pack for the new producers

    House Percussion Loops

    Rating: 8/10

    There are some really nice percussions on this pack. Fits for a lot of sub-genres. Very useful and the sound quality is great!


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