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Genre: House

Additional Styles: House, Soul, and Vocals


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 122 - 125

Some really great vocals on this pack. Its quite a small pack at only 181mb but the quality of the samples and the price more than make up for this.
All the samples appear to be from one female vocalist but she has a very nice soulful tone to her voice that I am sure most house producers will like.
All in all, a great pack at a bargain price.

These kind of packs are helping me when I get lack of vocals in my DJ sets. Also good for producers in different styles. Try them out!

A great collection of very well recorded vocals. Ready for either full track ideas, or taking a lyric here and there. I use these all the time.

This is, as it says on the tin, a great collection of soulful house vocals. Some of the loops and phrases are really usable and they definitely have applications in other areas. Pitch them down and make some trendy London style deep house, chop them up and make them into a loop for your new electro or dubstep tune or simply slip them into your soulful house track as is. Plenty of cool bits to be used as inspiration here.

Cool little collection of vocals. Nice and simple to drop in to the mix and recorded at a high standard. Good mix of Keys and stuff that you would actually use in a track rather than the rubbish you can get in some vocal packs. Would certainly come back for seconds!

Really great pack for getting ideas down quickly. Well recorded samples and I really like taking hits from this and throwing them into a sampler or processing heavily to get new sounds. Great that it has the adlibs, chopped vocals, one lines and verses separated for you already. Recommended!

Great selection of solo and harmony vocals. I especially like all the ad-libs, chopped lines, and weird bits. This gives you so many ideas to kick start a track. Of any genre too really. I really like re-pitching, editing, effecting and resampling these too. Lots of happy accidents!


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