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Genre: Sound Archives

Additional Styles: EDM and Sound Archives


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Synth Presets

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BPM: 128 - 130

As usual, great job by Singomakers. I would call this a great EDM set, rather than just a Swedish House set. Excellent high quality sounds. The kicks are really hard, the hats , clap and perc is really tight and crisp. Synth loops are a very creative as well. The bass loops in this set are a more toward the deeper side, though there are those crunchy electro basses as well. You also get some cool, short, tweaked vocal drops. The FX are great- risers, down sweeps, reverses, etc.

this pack has all the perfect big room edm elements you would expect from the title but if used correctly you can produce high quality progressive house & trance also.some great chord structures with high class synths on offer here.


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