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Genre: Funk

Additional Styles: Funk and Guitars

i knew Frontline made good packs, i just did not realize how good. I was i need of sum guitar licks for a groovy edm track i was working on and Funk Guitar Chips n Chops really came thru in a pinch. The riffs were solid, well played and totally useable. The audio sounded great when i used my filtering chain to make the chosen riff in my track really cut thru in the mix. The amount of cool riffs in the pack will have you coming back for more. i highly recommend this pack if your searching for tight guitar loops to twist and mash or to use as they are with mild effects in a mix.

Easily the best selection of guitar licks we've ever seen. Great recordings, great variety and a great range of tempos and keys. Can't really think of a genre going that these samples wouldn't come in use for! Great stuff.

Very cool collection of all things funk guitar. A solid range of licks and all played really well and recorded at an extremely high quality. Perfect for house or future disco sounding tracks or anything really where you need to add some of that illusive 'funk'. Warning: Old Greg not included

Guitar packs are always about the player behind the axe and There's a very accomplished player behind this pack - In my opinion all rhythm Gtr packs should be bone dry so you can choose your own Ambience and this rocks that box - It would have scored higher but everything is very Blues Styled Funk so quite limited in application on the chordal stuff as the amount of drive is perfect for the style but a touch too much for some apps - Do not expect David Williams ( Billie Jean / Thriller album session player) type material in this pack .


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