I'm totally into hard music, so when i saw this pack i had to give it a go. I am glad i did. The riff's are truly epic. Horn's up ! This pack is loaded up with bang on guitar bits that sound super tight plus they are really usable. EMG is totally cool for high tempo tracks or if you just want to flip your EDM track into a metal monster in a break down. If your looking to fuse sum metal guitar into your track, then look no further, this pack has go what you need and then some.

Cool rock/ metal riffs from Soul Rush Records. You get 2 key signatures and bpms ranging from 128 bpm to 174 bpm. All loops are hard rock/ heavy metal and would be good to start a track off with or perhaps you're looking for a missing element and feel like a dist guitar riff would be a good addition. The loops will work for rock to trap and various genres in between. The quality is good yet mostly mono sounding. You can add your own effects and additional mixing techniques to spice them up.


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