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Genre: Indie Pop

Additional Styles: Drums, Funk, Rock, and Indie Pop


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 75 - 180

TIGHT loops offering a load of groove to spice up any project that you are working on at the time, either that or start with it, manipulate it and create something new, either way this kit is so well recorded and sounds so clean that its incredibly easy to apply in many different styles and situations! A must have!

Frontline kick back with a massive kit of killer drums. from 75bpm to 180. This is a excellent edition of high quality studio drums. This is value for money and if live drums are to your liking then this is perfect. Its worth getting this purely for the hits let alone the full breakbeats. class

Loads and loads of funk/rock (ish) patterns here that are well recorded and played. Will dominate most tracks so be careful, but if used wisely, will be a great addition.

Blown away by the quality of this pack. Drums recorded in a flattering way, in what sounds to be a fun room to work in. Nicely tuned toms are always a plus, (yet often over looked.) Tight as f**k playing as well. Was looking for the tighter drums sounds, but was impressed with some of the more open sounding playing. Regardless of genre there will be something here for you.


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