Unfortunately it's very difficult to find such a good quality FX sounds these days. Thanks to Loopmasters for delivering this such a great pack. I like the way it's divided in to different genre's. I think this is a must have for all type of music producers. If you are a maschine user you can add all these hits to your library. Also there is a generous amount of Bonus Loops included. What a beautiful pack...

A nice set of effects..Mot the big stuff you're used to..This pack takes the subtle approach...These sounds are a great way to fill out your tracks without overwhelming the entire production.. A very useful tool.

With There currently being more enormous Fx risers in the world than people in Bulgaria We've often found it tricky to find something to fit into the new and much smoother face of house music since EDM took hold . This is exactly where subliminal FX comes in - These FX sit perfectly in modern house styles and have been really rather cleverly thought out .. - This is not just a pack of white noise samples .. Been loving using them and that says it all really ! .. P.S. Nothing to do with Morrillo just so you know ;)

Great selection of sound effects, with a focus on dance music. Whilst arranged in terms of tempos and styles, I've found these are a really useful addition to my sample collection, regardless of the genre or style I'm working with.

A great pack full of more subtle FX. These sound less generic than a lot of FX bundles. They can add a lot of atmosphere to a track without ever getting in the way.

Aptly titled and the perfect antidote to overt FX sample libraries: nimble sounds that serve transitions, builds, hits, etc that meld into a track instead of taking center stage. Expertly produced movements in perfect 2, 4 and 8 bar lengths - these are the kind of support effects I'll come back to and use again and again. What this pack lacks in instant-gratification boisterousness it makes up for in being a set of tools free of trend that brilliantly live up to the packs name and have an unlimited shelf life. Truly excellent.

Really nice pack of FX that I can work into a multitude of genres and speeds. Many subtle variations on a few classic fx sounds so it won't sound like I'm using the same one over and over which is very nice.


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