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Genre: House

Additional Styles: Bass, Funk, and House

One word - WOW! Very funky playing with lots of syncopation. Great live sounds that capture the attitude of the bass guitar. It's nice to hear a little growl and slides with some heavy slappin! The REX files are super fun to play with and allow you to take it a notch further. This pack is worth every penny because it nails that feel for the track that you're missing sometimes with keys. It's the in between notes that make it funky!

Tons of bass loops in this pack, expertly performed all well recorded. The basslines are recorded at a variety of tempos from 115bpm to 127bpm and in a style that will fit uptempo funk and disco genres, although with a bit of inspiration could also easily fit electronic tracks. The sound of the bass guitar is very similar for all the loops, so it's either something you will love or not find that useful - so check the demo first to hear if it's the bass sound you want. Saying that it's a good all-round bass sound which can be built upon with additional processing if needed.


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