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Genre: Electro House

Additional Styles: Electro House


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 128 - 128

Ooh Lah Lah! You should know what to expect with the title and branding. Gets 9 for Daft P style, musicianship, variety of solid hooks and production value. Drums, Bass, Guitar, Synths, FX, all present and correct. Multi's are particularly good. Would be 10 if it had some vocoder action!

Definitely innovative and a great follow up to the first issue. Daft Funk 2 is a great take on the French Electro-Disco/current Daft Punk style. Loads of great loops to mix and match. This is not an easy style to create- so if youre looking for this sound- this is a HUGE find. Loads of pads, organs, funk guitars, electric guitars, chopped grooves & beats to create plenty of great tracks. Listening to the tracks individually doesnt always make sense but once you start layering, it all comes together.

been using this pack loads......always the go to when im stuck for fat beats

This one continues where the last one ended..Luv,Luv the sequel..Amazing grooves to get the french touch sound..Been using the first one a lot..Loving the variety and scope of the second one..If you're looking for the French sound..this is the one! Merci Beaucoup!


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