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Genre: Dub Techno

Additional Styles: Techno and Dub Techno


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 120 - 130

Such a nice pack, totally in love with the Big subby bass sounds. Drum loops are also very special catchy and different. Theres some lovely music loops that will come in really useful for inspiration.
I'd recommend this for anyone making more underground music...

I'm always on the look for some nice techno sounds for my darker productions - especially stabs - this package was a pleasant surprise! Containing both loops and one shots, this is a lovely package of basses, stabs, drums, effects and synths. Great sounding and well processed, as well as well categorized by type and BPM for your convenience. If you like dark sounds, this one is for you.

I was looking for melodic, beautiful, deep synths and melodies to sample and for inspiration - and I found them here. Detroit style!

Don't come here for hands in the air hooks because it's all about the moody atmospherics in this offering. The drums work best for me here and they're all really good starting points for your tracks.
You get synths and basses too but they're pretty much second runners to the stars of the show. In deep and raw techno, it's all about the beats

I needed some quick and fast loops to allow me to effectively get a groove going initially thinking these would be used as a sketch pad, but ended up using the whole loops as they are amazing quality. A very nice surprise and ones I constantly reach for first every time.

Brimming with deep and edgy beats and sounds, this really stands out among other sample packs. The synths for me stand out and give an inspiring touch to start something fresh.

A very welcomed collection of beats, textured synths and basses that can give extra edge and additional dimension to your tracks. There is a nice variety of one shots, as well as samples and loops of synths, drums, bass, effects and beats to adapt to your compositions. Easily manageable sounds for the studio and a good-sized library to own.


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