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Axel Karakasis

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  • Dark Texture EFX Vol.2

    Rating: 9/10

    An amazing collection of textures, efx and sample hits that works great on any nowadays dark and raw techno or experimental production. Very inspiring and proper fx sounds for electronic music producers. A recommended sample pack!!

    Techno Loops 2

    Rating: 8/10

    ISR Techno loops 2 is a brilliant compilation of a good range of loops. This is an exceptionally inspiring batch of top loops, bass loops, percussion loops, synths loops and synth stabs, FX and drum shots as well as user-friendly bass loops midi files that are easily crafted into your music. This is a very useful package for electronic music producers!


    Rating: 9/10

    Wave Alchemy Techno is a very nice collection of techno loops and drums, awesome and inspiring package. Big "thumbs-up" for the midi patterns and massive presets!! This is an exceptionally inspiring batch of bass, percussion, synths and top loops among others that can be readily incorporated in the making of your cutting edge music. A techno-oriented package that I strongly recommend!!!

    An amazing package of loops and one shots that give ample and creative opportunities to its users. Bass, drums, percussion, synths, effects and experimental sounds comprise this pallet with spot-on drone, pads loops that can be used for any electronic music production. This collection definitely stands out and I highly recommend it to those seeking a little bit of a twist. Thumbs up for this one!!

    Berlin Hard Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    Versatile hard techno samples as well Electra Carbon instrument presets and sounds that are easily crafted into your music. Berlin Hard Techno is a good collection of loop kits that are either ready to use or can be adapted/edited to the needs of your projects..

    Techno Modulaire

    Rating: 8/10

    Techno Modulaire is an excellent pack of proper modular loops and sounds, drums, percussion, synths and drones that stimulate and inspire!! The package is complete with few great midi files of synths and basses that can be fitted to your productions. It is perfect for nowadays techno and definitely recommended!!

    Dub Techno Aus Berlin

    Rating: 9/10

    Another excellent sample pack by 5pin Media. This sample pack is a must to inspire you to create the nowadays sound of Berlin's dub techno. Great drum loops, bass loops, textures, pads, synth loops, grooves and one shots of really cool sounds and amazing midi files compose a really good package. A must have for any techno producer out there!

    Berlin Dub Techno 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Berlin Dub Techno 2 provides you with a nice-sized palette of sounds that give you both inspiration and a wide choice of loops, drums, percussion, grooves and vocal to experiment with in the studio. The one shot samples are particularly handy, as well as the effects, hats and snares, which are there to add a special factor to compositions. Overall, a very satisfactory selection with a wide-range potential.

    Berlin Techno Uberpack

    Rating: 9/10

    Berlin Techno Uberpack is an excellent compilation of sample packs that is absolutely must have to create the nowdays sound of Berlin! Great drum loops, music loops, synth loops percussion loops and amazing hits ranging from bass, drums and synths as well as sounds, hits and FX compose a really good compilation of four titles in one package. A must have for any techno producer, and not only!!

    Deep & Raw Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    A very welcomed collection of beats, textured synths and basses that can give extra edge and additional dimension to your tracks. There is a nice variety of one shots, as well as samples and loops of synths, drums, bass, effects and beats to adapt to your compositions. Easily manageable sounds for the studio and a good-sized library to own.

    Modular Techno by Kirk Degiorgio is an awesome collection of loops and sounds that reflect the experience of its producer. Proper modular sounds and loops, Rhythm, drums, percussion, synths and effects that stimulate and inspire!! The package is complete with very very useful MIDI files that can be crafted into your productions. It's brilliant for nowadays techno and definitely recommended!!

    Perc Tech

    Rating: 10/10

    This is a tool that is "music to the ears" for every established and up-and-coming producer. An exciting package for the Techno genre (but not limited to it!), it comprises of numerous Kick, Bass and Percussion sounds that you can use as they are or incorporate them into your own ideas and inspiration. A very useful tool for creating new sounds from preexisting foundations!

    Pure Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    A good collection of loop and kit presets that are either ready to use or can be adapted/edited to your needs. Good size and versatile techno sounds, which can also be used as tools in live and studio performance as well as user-friendly MIDI files that are easily crafted into your music.

    Berlin Dub Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    Berlin Dub Techno is a very nice collection of samples, midi and patches that enable producers to manipulate the sounds to their needs. Great loops and amazing presets ranging from bass loops, drum loops, music loops and vox loops as well as sounds, hits and FX compose a really good package that is a "must have”. To inspire you to give edginess to your productions.

    The Ableton Pro Mix Racks 2 is a sequel of audio effects that arrives in time to complete its first chapter. The pack features a 200-strong library of effects, and you can easily shape your own presets in order to produce unique results, or even experiment with sounds and processes. The library is neatly packed and easy to use.

    Techno Resurrection

    Rating: 9/10

    Techno Resurrection is a very flexible library of samples and midi files that enable producers to manipulate the sounds to their needs. A nice-sized array of loops, synths, effects, bass, drums and vocals inspire you to give edginess and texture to your productions. This is a handy little toolbox ready to use! Definitely recommended!

    Ableton Pro Mix Racks

    Rating: 9/10

    Ableton Pro Mix Racks is a brilliant collection of Ableton effect racks for mixing and processing your Ableton productions, The library gives a wide range of possibilities to adjust your sounds and become creative in your productions. I particularly welcomed the compression, and reverb processes, frequency control and sound shaping tools, wheareas the most catchy feature is the ability to do advanced processing of your sound in live mode. This pack definitely stands out!

    Histibe Mutated Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    Mutated Techno is a very nice, good-sized sample pack that blends sounds from various aspects of electronic music, ready to be used and add a twist. The collection is smart in bringing together Techno with Industrial and Contemporary Electronica, showing that each genre can benefit from the sounds of others. Forwarding-thinking and the result can be inspiring as the pack contains a good range of one-shots, patches, multi-samples and loops that can easily be tuned for your own needs. Thumbs up!

    Techno Transmission

    Rating: 9/10

    The Techno Transmission sample pack is an all-inclusive repertoire of samples and presets that can definitely inspire techno producers. It has a great range of synths, pads, beats, basslines and effects that cater for all tastes and styles of techno. A little twist is provided with the synth presets that you can use with NI Massive and Sylenth, to produce your own riffs and acid lines, so that’s a great idea. Overall, a great sample pack, ready to be used, but also ready to provoke some serious studio work!

    Deep Techno Collection

    Rating: 9/10

    Deep techno is a very nice collection of loops and one shots that will get you going in the studio! A great idea to have presets that you can go back to the original and re-program yourself. However, what I consider most useful for producers, especially the newer ones, is the availability of sounds from analogue modules that cannot be bought overnight! TR909 and 808, Moog Voyager, Juno 60, and many more are now at a hands distance for everyone to try. Great pack.

  • A very versatile collection of presets that are both handy and inspiring. Techno sounds that are essential to the studio library. From drum and bass loops to powerful and melodic/warm synths, and from percussion and vocal samples to MIDI patterns and drum kits, but also some nice sound effects. This collection is evoking the techno producer to deliver some thrilling music.

    Modular Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    Modular Techno is a large-sized colllection of loops and one shots that give ample and creative opportunities to its users. Rhythm, drums, percussion, synths, effects and experimental sounds comprise this pallet with spot-on textured loops that can be used for any electronic music production. From the sounds that stand out are definitely the chromatic versus the detuned synth loops, while I definitely give the thumbs up to those 808-containing presets. Highly recommended…

    Patchworx 61 - Techno Synths is a really useful tool for the users of Massive. The collection of the 64 presets has a nice ratio of synth patches (percussion, bass, synth leads and pads) that are ready to use. The sounds are inspiring and they are definitely a good addition for your Massive, especially since they come complete with macro controls that enable modification of various parameters. I highly recommend this pack!!

    Back To Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    Back to Techno provides a good range of studio tools for some dark and underground techno and tech house productions. The collection consists of bass lines, beats, atmospheric sounds and effects that stimulate and inspire. Both the one shot and multi layered presets come in handy, whereas the vocal samples complete this package.

    Techno Intoxication

    Rating: 9/10

    A really nice collection is compiled in Techno Intoxification with some wicked loops and one shot samples that go a long way. Beautiful synths, acid bass lines, beats and effects make up this sound palette and are both inspiring and easy to use. This is a very crafty bundle and a good range of percussion tops it all up!

    My Life in Music collection by Carl Cox is an awesome collection of loops and presets that reflect the experience of its producer. The collection features club sounds and loops that are versatile and can fit in tracks to make them spicier and give them a finer texture. Bass lines, leads, pads and vintage breaks are just beautiful and the special collection of mixed Groove Hooks give this collection a cutting edge. Overall, a great package to own, delivered by a legend!

    House Vocal Sessions

    Rating: 9/10

    House Vocal Session is a really great collection of vocal presets. The selection comprises of full length tracks and stems, including Ad libs, hooks, chorus and lead, as well as short phrases that can turn things a little bit more catchy on the production frond. These presets also can be chopped and become a great addition to nowadays techno! Trend-setting additions like vocals are given the thumbs up!!

    Techno Elements 1.0 is a brilliant kit with a good size library of samples ranging from synths to bass and drums. On top, the vocal presets are really great, as are the construciton kits. Undoubtedly, the 303 is timeless as well as priceless and it’s there to inspire and give another dimension to some wicked techno tracks. Recommended for the techno die hards!

    Classic 90s House

    Rating: 9/10

    Classic 90s House is a superb collection that is destined to add a touch of retro to your productions. Funky, versatile and absolutely irresistible, the pack is complete with a good sized library of loops, ranging from Piano, guitar, synths and strings to bass, kicks, drums and snares. It’s definitely one collection you cannot afford to miss out on, as it will always add a little bit of that 90s glam!

    Stripped Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    Stripped Techno by Niche Audio is a nice pack of Techno kits for both Maschine and Ableton Live, neatly included in 13 separate projects. Easy to process sounds, I especially favour the Drums, percussion and atmospheric pads, although the special effect kits come in particularly handy! Not just for the “minimalists”, this kits collection is inspiring and easily adaptable to any electronic music genre. Recommended

    Dave Seaman's Electronic Underground is a versatile collection of House and Tech sounds that is hard not to sample in a production. Absolutely fond of all the funky sounds, as well as the deep bass lines and synths, which are carefully crafted and selected to give both edginess and texture. This is a good-sized package composed of Drum, bass and music loops, bass sounds and multi sampled instruments, as well as some brilliant effects that are ready to be used in a very flexible manner. I totally recommend this one.


    Rating: 9/10

    A pretty impressive pack with all the essential tools for setting up some powerful projects. Presets created from top hardware have been cleverly processed to accomodate some tough demands, and what’s particularly handy is that they’re interchangeable! Great loops and amazing presets ranging from beats and chords to bass and vocals compose a really good package that is a "must have”.

    As I am always in the lookout for new and fresh sounds, this sample library, Elemental Techno, by Neurodriver came in as a very welcome addition! It is a definite "thumbs up" for the good-sized compilation of Techno bass riffs and robotic blips: the latter are very well worth trying out to give this little bit of edge. Much liked the drum loops and multi sampled synths, as well as the effects!

    Punchy Techno

    Rating: 9/10

    Punchy Techno is a really good sized collection of loops and presets, as well as patches. These are either ready to use or modify to accomodate your ideas. Definitely an exciting galore of Drum, Bass, effects and music loops, topped up with One Shot samples to incporporate in your productions. I also quite liked the idea kits, such as the Glitched Builders, Cold Chords, Broken Risers etc, which can be immensely helpful to newer producers, as well as to more experienced ones.

    UMEK's Loops from Behind the Iron Curtain is one inspiring gallore of loops and presets that are both flexible to use and handy to boost any Techno and Tech-oriented production. What's most inviting in this collection is the good-sized one-shot sounds and the variety of loops, ranging from Drums and Hats to Kicks, Multi-sampled Basses and Instruments to witty effects and fiery synths. Some nicely textured leads and presets to add extra texture and vibe. Definitely recommended amd thumbs up for the quality sounds.

    Funky Tech House is a smartly crafted collection of loops and presets that is definitely what it says: Funky! Expect to find a gallore of percussion, drums and bass loops topped up with drum kits, bass multi sampled instruments, bass shots and effects. The multi sampled synth instruments, rex2 files and soft sampler patches complete the collection, which evidently is the end-product of an experienced producer like Sebastien Leger. A collection not to be missed.

    Prima Tech

    Rating: 9/10

    The Niche Audio Prima Tech is a nice pack of presets to use with either Maschine or Ableton live. The presets are editable and give you the flexibility to implement them to your production exactly as you want them! The good-sized array of percussion, pads and chords, basses and effects is inspiring and appeal to producers of all kinds of electronic music. Expect diversity, texture and ideas to adjust to your taste. I totally recommend it!

    Absolutely huge collection of samples, with plenty to choose from. This Ultimate Bundle comes in handy for any genre crossing productions, as it features a galore of bass, synths, vocals, drums, effects and so much more to enrich any tech sample library! The fills and loops are inspiring and the effects are particularly nice to give the extra edge to your productions. Top pack, highly recommended!!

    Naked Techno

    Rating: 10/10

    Naked techno is a unique and inspiring collection of techno kits suitable to use with my Machine. They fit nicely both in productions as well as my DJ sets. All samples have been carefully selected and I definitely liked the TR909 samples as well as the two special kits with Bass and Special Fx. Strongly recommended for some adventurous time in the studio and your Dj sets, if you use Maschine in the club.

    Afro Tech Vocals 3

    Rating: 9/10

    Great pack of Afro vocals and vocal loops that give edge and texture to your tracks. Whether the simple vocals or with music/percussion in the background, they are a nice addition to techno and electronic music tracks. A good-sized collection that definitely stands out.

  • Designer Dance Kicks

    Rating: 8/10

    An absolutely great package of essential and more specialised kicks. Back to basics with a good-sized pallet to give extra thumping and rolling texture to any techno production. These presets give extra dimension and intensity for wild and catchy productions.

    A pretty neat collection and great variety of sounds and presets. I definitely go for the Chunky Bass lines and Punchy percussion, as well as the FX loops and hits. The Fat Bouncy beats and analogue synths are also great, while there is also a good-sized palette of drum and music loops to choose from.

    Organic Percussion

    Rating: 8/10

    An edgy collection, with an Oriental touch! A unique library of grooves and loops to add a touch of spice and transform any composition into a mesmeric journey across continents. This collection definitely stands out and I highly recommend it to those seeking a little bit of a twist!!

    Deep Tech Grooves

    Rating: 9/10

    Deep Tech Groove is an inspiring package with an impressive size of Tech House and Tech-style samples and sounds. I particularly like the versatily of the presets and I highly favour the Drum Construction kits, Drum and Bass loops. The Multi-Sampled Synth and Bass instruments also come in handy, while the FX and soft samples patches can give further edge and texture to any electronic composition. Definitely thumbs up for this one!

    Future Groove House

    Rating: 9/10

    Good sized collection of house grooves and tech sounds. There is a range of samples you can definitely choose from in order to add to your productions for a little kick and spin. I found particularly interesting the punchy drum hits, bass and synth loops, while the effects are quite inspiring. Recommended for a bit of experimentation on the tech side!

    Piatto Italo Techno

    Rating: 10/10

    A fine range of sounds and samples that have a cutting edge to them. I strongly favour the Top, Synths, Drum and Bass loops. The Piatto Signature sounds, the Bass Multi Instrument samples as well as the Synth Multi Sampled Instruments are highly inspiring and give a different kind of texture to your productions.

    Absolutely awesome pack with some wicked Techno tools and presets. I particularly favour the Bassline Loops, although there is a good range of loops, with kicks, top loops and synths that you can use either in the studio, or even on stage to give a different kind of kick to your sets. also there are some great Battery and Maschine kits and Traktor remix Deck. Highly recommended!!!

    An impressive and inspiring collection of loops and samples to add extra spice. Good-sized variety and plenty to choose from and I particularly favour the Combi Loopsand the Multi Sampled Instruments. The drum shot, synth multi sampled instruments and blistering synth loops with variations add a different kind of texture to any composition. Recommended.

    Good-sized bundle full of basic and more specialised samples from claps and snares to reverb claps, big and tight snares, claps and many of these layered into stacks. Catchy samples to give edge as well as more texture to your productions. Highly recommended.!!

    Vintage Movie Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    Vintage Movie Vocals is a nice pack of phrases and catchy sounds to add extra edginess and a twist to any electronic music production. A touch of cinematic wittiness that can give bonus points and transform tracks with finer details.

    This is a great package for techno producers, with a lot to offer to those that wish to compose some darker tracks. The basslines are excellent as are the Dark menacing effects. A good size collection of bass, drum and percussion loops, inspiring effects and analogue presets that definitely get the thumbs up from me.

    Nice and powerful bunch of samples not only for House and Tech house productions. The samples can stretch across to techno tracks and I especially dig the funky deep groove samples, including the crisp funky percussion loops. Thumbs up too for the Bass and drum loops, the drum hits and the good sized effects collection. I highly recommend this package.

    Nice collection of loops and samples, fresh and inspiring. Thumbs up for the Bass and Lead multisamples, as well as for the effects. Synth, bass and drum loops are also good, as are the One Shot drum hits. A techno-oriented package that I strongly recommend!!!

    Cinematic FX

    Rating: 9/10

    Cinematic FX is indeed one really impressive palette of sounds and effects that can give texture to any production. I have found the package to be inspirational for techno tracks, and I am already using both the edgier sounds, as well as the softer samples in my productions. Jet explosions, textures and drones, whooshes and sweeps among my favs so far, so thumbs up for this collection. Highly recommended.

    A really good collection, full of inspiring samples and loops. I strongly favour the percussion loops, bass, kicks hats and snares, as well as the FX samples, multi sampled instruments and soft sample patches. Definitely techno-oriented. Strongly recommend!!!

    Nice bunch that brings a breath of tech house into any production. Flexible formats to easily fit into any ongoing composition. My favourites on this collection are most definitely some of the deep beats and the tech drum loops. Thumbs up also for the percussion range, which has a nice variety of presets and consequently a lot to choose from. Great tools for your library!

    21st Century Techno Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    This is a magnificent pack that's all about techno, all about bass. A wide variety of loops in a good range of tempos and the multi-sampled bass instruments are rather handy too. It is really great to be presented with bass of all types (Basic, Fill FX, Percussive, Subliminal, Complex, etc.) and have numerous options to combine two or more. Definitely for techno mayhem!!!

    Deep Groove House

    Rating: 8/10

    This is one very inspiring bunch of samples, not only for house producers. I particularly dig the Bouncing beats and Loops (Bubbling Bass Loops, Kick less Funky Tech Drum Loops), but I also found equally interesting the Drum Hits and Bass and Lead multi sampled instruments. Versatile formats for easier use.

    Complete Drums

    Rating: 9/10

    A very creative, big-sized pack that includes some finely crafted drum sounds. This is a must-have library of percussion as well as drum sounds from top notch sources that could become platform to almost any genre of electronic music. I definitely favour the Drum Tools and the Drum machine collection and currently in use in some of my productions.

    The MIDI Focus-Tribal Tech House is a great collection of user-friendly MIDI files that are easily crafted into your music. Nice selection of Sylenth and Massive presets, and sounds such as Bass, Leads and percussion. The loops complete the package, which is highly flexible to use and with great sound quality. Thumbs up, as it is a must-have MIDI selection.

  • Punchy Techno 2

    Rating: 10/10

    Punchy Techno vol. 2 is a brilliant compilation of a good range of presets for techno and techno-oriented tracks. This is an exceptionally inspiring batch of loops, basslines and synth and cord samples among others that can be readily incorporated in the making of cutting edge music. Highly recommended!!

    SFX Collection 02

    Rating: 9/10

    Vol 2 is an intelligent combination of sound effects, analogue synths and transition tools to include in music productions, nicely suited for a good range of genres. Personal favourites the Moog and analogue synths, but also digging the Noise Tools, the Cymbal and Twisted Transition FX, as well as the Cinematic Slams. An excellent, futuristic tool, that I strongly recommend to techno and tech-related producers!

    Miami Tech

    Rating: 9/10

    Super great package ! The lead loops are hot, but i really found the perc loops very inspirational to use as a starting point, add the drum loops & the top loops, couple those with the kicks, the claps, the snares , the hats and the FX you have all the tools you need to create something special. Bomb the bass !

    Club Bass Vol. 1

    Rating: 8/10

    Very sweet package ! I especially found the bass loops very inspirational to give my tracks that extra toughness I look for, also found the midi files very special (already used a couple!), and I'm now sifting through the the vocal loops & one shots to find that nice spice to tie everything together.

    Tech House Synths

    Rating: 9/10

    Nice selection of synths and chords; thumbs up for the sounds FX, FX loops and power leads. Also the construction kits are very useful. I would highly recommend this sample pack, as it has some kicking samples and effects that are easily managed and adaptable to your very own productions!

    A great tool and nice range of midi files combined with various presets to get things going not only for techno. I definitely recommend this sampleware as it is easily customisable to the needs of the producer, while its flexibility gives you overall control on the end product! Smart pack! Thumb up for the Massive and Syleth presets!! this will help your productions a lot!!

    A very nice and versatile bundle of samples that are easily incorporated into Techno productions. I definitely favour the 909 Drum Sounds and one shot Bass tones, while the FX samples, groove and drum loop elements can give a catchy feeling to your productions. Clear-cut sounds and a kick with the 909! Nice package for every genre. Great Work!!!

    Good-sized library of vocals and FX to inspire you beyond the usual! The stabs, FX processed loops and Noise glitch loops are awesome and the capabilities with them countless! Some unique building blocks to create outstanding pieces of music with a human "touch" in them and incredibly inspirational since there is such a good variety of tools in this pack. Highly recommended!


    Rating: 8/10

    One very nice collection of samples, where retro meets future in a clear-cut manner. Awesome and inspiring, I am all up for the vintage sounds, like snares, toms, claps. Big "thumbs-up" for the Arpeggiated synth loops and bass riffs! I would also strongly recommend the drum fills and bass loops to create something unique in your productions. A very smart and very useful pack all in all with a touch from the past! Wicked!

    Here is a great work by Spektre. A sample pack to fit my music 100%. Fantastic loops, awesome sounds and FX hits. Percussions give a great kick too! I found the bass and musical loops particularly useful. The range of samples is brilliant and is destined to suit most producers. This is a must have for your studio!

    Nu-Disco House Edition

    Rating: 9/10

    One fine and rather diverse sample pack here! The basslines, synths and loops are very inspirational and for so inviting. The drums and percussion hits are very interesting and useful. i am already using the drum hits to create my own loops on my tracks!!! Thumbs up for this high quality pack!!!

    Tribal is Back...!!! another must-have sample package from Wave Alchemy! great percussion and Top loops that definitely WORKS fantastic in your arrangement !!! The groove assist and layering tools is simply Amazing! 100% recommended...

    What a great sample package!!! a must-have in any studio. Massive Drum Loops and inspiring Music Loops that work really well in tougher Techno compositions... one of the best packages that i have heard lately, I strongly recommend this one to all producers!!!

    Tech Therapy

    Rating: 7/10

    Great loops in this pack that work really well in my productions. Using them at the moment! Special kudos for the Synth tones and the Effects. I would recommend this one to all techno/tech-house producers!

    This is a good mixture of electronic/modern minimal techno sounds. Thumbs up for the basslines, percussions, drums and some of the vocal loops. Will be definitely bringing some of these sounds in my work.

    MIDI Focus - Bass Line

    Rating: 8/10

    This package is truly Midi heaven for bass line ideas! I am already using stuff from this pack in my current productions. Also, the bass sounds in this package are top quality! Highly recommend this one!

    SFX Collection Vol 1

    Rating: 9/10

    This is a stunning collection of fx, very useable for all genres of electronic music. Lots of sweeps, drones, stabs, textures, etc that inspires you and make your productions more powerfull and at the end more effective!!! this is a must have package of FX... Great!!!

    Tech House and Minimal

    Rating: 8/10

    A real essential pack for any producer. Great beats, and some veeery nice synth patches, nice loops which are cut precise. Drum kits do the 'business' nicely, and lets not forget a load of cool efx. Will definitely be using elements from this pack.

    Minimal Tech Vox

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a great bundle to dig into in order to get the vocal samples you'll need to chop up & give your tracks that 'something' extra - and all of this without the need to clear the sample. I also found the grooves that are included really helpful to my production process. All in all a great package.

    Groove Tech

    Rating: 9/10

    This one is a real great package of samples! it gives you the inspiration and your tracks a more evolutionary sound. Great loops, fantastic bass and drums sounds make this package a must-have for any studio!

  • Steve does a great job here, an absolutely massive sample pack for any genre of dance music. An excellent selection of a wide range of samples that can give your music a different, deeper sense. Highly recommend this one.

    There are some great loops and sounds for your productions, I already use some of these sounds and they work beautifully in my tracks! Inspired loops, great basses, pads, etc and also some cool noise fx to make your tracks sound more fresh! this is a very useful package for my studio!!

    A solid selection of samples with plenty of loops and one-shot, fresh drum loops and sounds that will give you the inspiration for your own productions. The quality of these loops is really great and works perfectly not only for Progressive House but for any dance genre and I use some in one of my new tracks! i Definitely recommend this package!

    Designer Dance FX

    Rating: 9/10

    Some great sounds fx here, this pack inspired me a lot!!!

    This Mixtools take every Dj set to the next level...!!!

    This is massive pack if you are looking for some fresh elements for your music, Excellent job and definitely recommended !!!

    There are some great sounds in here !!! Perfect for minimal Techno and not only , I would recommend this to any techno producer.


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