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Genre: India

Additional Styles: Vocals and India

Really great to have a collection of samples in this style. Nicely well recorded and processed files. Sounds of this nature can really add an extra dimension to the tracks you are working on.

Awesome sample pack! Lots of variety, including loads of different vocalistsl, and a nice wide selection of processed samples as well as clean recordings. Great rythmic loops as well as vocal FX. The amazing authentic sound I've come to expect from EarthMomects is very much apparent in this pack. So much amazing content to dig through and get inspired!

The best of two worlds: authentic well-recorded vocals which couldn't be more human and for each an FX version counterpart.  The FX files vary from subtle to completely psychedelic and it's a winning combination as if a Dry vocal catches you there's at least one fx-treated take as well which can either expand use of the former or be a starting point for even further abstraction.  This pack would be worth owning for either just the dry vocals or the FX versions so both in one go is an easy must-have.  


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