We are very lucky to have this pack from the legend Tom Middleton. Everything about this pack is excellent. Don't know where to start but Drum Loops are absolutely amazing. I've used samples from his first pack in almost every track i produced and I'm sure will do the same with this.
It's a must have !

Was a huge fan of the first Tom Middleton Deep Bass pack and soon as I see this up I couldn't help myself and I wasn't disappointed.

What stood out for me were the warm subtle pads that even un-layered on their own sound fantastic. Well worth the asking price just for those! Also there are some super tight drum hits in here, backed up with the usual topz and drum loop Rexs which can be found.

There's also some very creative synth hits which I love, to many packs include very similar hits but this pack has a handful of very unique sounds which is always welcoming to any producer! 9/10

A great pack from Tom Middleton, inspirational whilst being ultra useable. The drum loops are tight and there's loads of interesting hits to play with. An extensive palette for any House producer to work from but with much further reaching uses in other genres. Recommended!

I still use the previous TM pack so was very keen to check this out. Once again it's full of quality loops and sounds which this time focus on the more bass heavy style of house. Not quite as accomplished as the previous release and still a little annoying that everything is in the key of C but other than that a worthy purchase


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