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Genre: Future House

Additional Styles: Garage and Future House



Sampler Patches

BPM: 124 - 126

I own every single Wave Alchemy release and there is a reason for that. Quality is absolutly amazing. No matter what genre you are in to you will find something useful in each pack. This pack is gold for the Bass and Deep House lovers. Drum Loops are amazing and they come in variations. My favourite part is the Groove & Vocal loops folder. So many ideas here...

Great value pack with tons of useful beats, bass, stabs and hits that will suit the current chart sound du jour. Plenty of scope to utilise this pack in other contexts but primarily, you'll be well set to get your 4 to the floor, retro 90's house flavoured grooves rolling, jack those tech stabs and put a whopping donk on your square wave bass.

Really like WA packs and although it's going to be very useful in parts, it isn't one of their best. They excel in skippiness and weirded out sounds and I'm not sure 'Future House' (whatever that is) requires too much of that. That said, there's always a longevity to their offerings so I'm sure if I give it a bit more time and delve a little deeper I'll find what I need


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