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Genre: House

Additional Styles: Drums and House

Another great maschine pack from Niche, I love the samples on this one, really good quality classic 808 sounds. Kits are also nice add them on your track to give a bit of extra feeling. Percussion and Bass tones are also great for creating new ideas. Highly Recommended.

Not just another 808 pack. This has been lovingly sampled from an original 808 and then perfectly formatted for use in Maschine. Just enough processing to add some unique character to the sounds without taking it too far from what makes the original great. Each of the kits has a different vibe. A well put together, high quality pack that's a real weapon for any producer using Maschine.

Great collection of 808 sounds. Nicely processed and in varied shapes and tones, the basics are all in there plus more. A great addition to your drum library, all ready to use.


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