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Genre: Trap

Additional Styles: Trap


One Shots

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BPM: 90

This is a bit of an odd one but still comes out pretty cool. Its a mixture of reggae and trap. You have to be careful - they actually aren't so easy to get in the 'pocket' together. Theres a bit of trial and error to make it work. I think its a cool vibe and something a bit different. Theres a good amount to choose from and good variety. Drum loops, horns, live bass loops, guitar loops, single drum hits, live drum loops and melody loops. For those looking to expand their soundbase - this could be a great pick in the world of Trap.

Always quality stuff from the Singomakers team! These samples really give you the proper reggae vibe for your tracks. The live bass loops are amazing. I would have liked some reggae drum fills but the loops are fantastic

Ragga Trap
by Singomakers

Nice neat Trap meets Ska Reggae although down as Ragga its more Ska reggae based which is totally awesome as such fine quality loops and samples like these are very rare to come by! This is perfect for 21st Century Ska Breaks and Junglists alike!


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