If you're looking for that organic sound, these are nice harmonica loops . You get 90 bpm, 110, 120 and 140 bpm. There are a bunch of choices in each bpm with different sections so you can build up your own licks. Everything is a standard blues riff- nothing really deviates from that vibe. If you want some blues harp on your track, you've found the right place.

This is the kind of sample pack that helps you stand out from the crowd. Mixing up different styles of music and using recordings of real instruments played perfectly by professional musicians! There's a great selection of Blues sounding licks here which you can mash up through your effects machines to give them a unique twist.. Great fun to play around with

Does EXACTLY what is says on the box. A solid collection of blues harp licks in a whole bunch of keys and tempos. Some clean, some gritty, all soaked in the sound of late night bars and bourbon fuelled stories.


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